Becoming Your True Self 

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Journaling, the act of writing down your thoughts, insights, ideas or visions is a powerful practice.  At times, we are blessed and have some extraordinary thoughts brought into our field of awareness.  Having a practice of journaling, these ideas will be recorded.  

In the moment, we may say, "Oh I'll remember that"!  However, writing it down,  adding a drawing...or abstract shapes to the page, in the moment after your experience can help you to "capture" the moment.  Then when you re-read your journal in the future, your drawing and colors used can bring you back to your experience.    

Keeping a notebook and pen on your bedside table, can be very practical.  Awakening from a dream, or after sitting in the silence, can be a wonderful time for reflection and for doing an entry in your journal.  Having pen, paper and markers nearby is crucial.  Staying as still as possible after receiving a message or vision, can help you recall what has been shown to you.  With paper and pen, nearby, those insights can be easily recorded.

Colored pencils or markers add a spark to your journaling. Know you do not need to be an artist to journal in color.  A simple stick figure drawing or abstract shapes drawn in the moment of your insight, can reveal more than you might think. Experiment! I invite you to see what journaling can do for you?