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Emotional Freedom Techniques 

EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques is an energetic technique which allows negatives emotions, blockages in the system to be released.  It's a simple technique and easy to use.  

Some of the issues that can be addressed with EFT are as follows:  

A greater LOVE for self

Forgiveness of yourself and others

Creating greater PEACE in your life

Releasing of your negative story

Finding COURAGE to move forward 

Letting go of items no longer needed, items in storage units etc.  

Deeply recognizing your GOODNESS

Becoming peaceful about upcoming events, surgeries, or performances

Coming to a greater PEACE around health, grief and relationship issues 

You can easily learn EFT and use it as a practice to create greater peace in your life. 

NOTE:  Before you take steps to release an unwanted experience, you may want to inquiry if there is anything you may want to learn from the situation first.