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Childhood Matters

Although much has been written and spoken about the importance of the early years of life, most do not realize that people and children can be traumatized by seemingly ordinary experiences. Without realizing it, we may have been traumatized in our childhood. 

Parents always do the best they can in the moment.  We are here to grow and change.  It's the human condition, that life is not perfect.  We make mistakes.  Others make mistakes.  Sometimes, we can be deeply affected by the mistakes of others.  When we have been physically or emotionally injured or traumatized, we can develop "ways of coping" that limit our aliveness in life, limit our freedom to be and limit our sense of self.  

As we grow in our life experiences, we can learn to have such experiences revealed to us, so that we can meet them and thus free the blocked energy they hold.  This is a process...a process of earnest seeking, honest self-inquiry and grace. 

Many say that we actually "choose" our parents prior to birth.  Isn't that an amazing idea to entertain?  What if we made an agreement with our parents to be just as we've been and for them to be just as they've been toward us, so that we could learn the lessons that were importance for us to learn?  Something to consider, isn't it?     

As we begin to sit in silence, quieting the mind and body, as well as using the techniques of self-inquiry and journaling,  we can begin to unravel our past.  The human experience brings much too us... truth and untruth, pain and pleasure, joy and sadness.  If we can learn to allow it all, we'd be living rightly. However,  many time difficult things happen.  If we are young or vulnerable, we can't face them in at that time.  Then, sometimes, they get buried.  In addition, sometimes we act in ways to enhance the happier aspects of life and we run from the down side of life.  In doing this, we actually bind those aspects of life to us.  And at some point, in some way, they may come back and need to be seen.  If we can meet such experiences straight now, they dissipate.  And when the experiences have been traumatic, you may need support to walk through such an experience.  

When such experiences can be revealed, a new sense of freedom is the result...a new sense of possibilities....and a sense of relief, that finally we understand the "why" behind ways we've learned to be. And in these moments, having the Truth revealed, a great LOVE emerges.