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Living in the NOW!

Posted on March 5, 2018 at 1:05 AM

Last night we had more SNOW…adding to the SNOW from yesterday and the SNOW from the day before. For me, having lived the majority of my life in Southern and Northern California, SNOW is a new experience.

Unlike living in southern California, if you want to go outside, you just don’t walk out the door! You PREPARE! Two pairs of pants, two sweaters, one jacket, one scarf, gloves, heavy socks and then the boots! THEN you are ready to go out.

Although the need to help take out the trash barrels was the main reason for preparing to going outside, after the task was completed, the snow called to me. It drew me into the mountains around the house, to explore this mountain of snow. It was captivating! Each step was an experience! Sometimes, the snow was 6 inches deep, sometimes just 2 inches deep. In the 6 inch snow, the steps were almost like a stomping, because the entire foot had to come up out of the snow, you couldn’t just do a regular “walk” in this snow. I actually became lost in the experience of walking around… not knowing what the next step would bring. Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Even the sound was fascinating.

At one point I looked up and was once again mesmerized…this time by the hills all around which were spotted with the bright clumps of white snow. Hill after hill, spotted with the white snow was breath-taking. The bushes closest to me also had branches which were holding the snow, but as the sun rays touched them, clumps of the snow would fall to the ground.

As I continued walking the snow became deeper and deeper, thus my steps became higher and higher, making deep indentions in the sheet of snow covering the ground. The snow was calling to me…I needed to be closer to it, so I feel to the ground on all fours, playing in the snow. I flattened a section of it and then drew a large heart on it. I felt like a child…just me and the SNOW. It was magical! I continued crawling around in the snow and sensed I was being like an animal…with the bushes even with my eyes. I was at the same level as the bushes. One bush caught my attention. I stopped and starred at the bush, seeing all the intricate little needles coming off of a hundred small branches. The golden browns tones were gorgeous. I still wanted to be nearer to the snow, so turned around and just sat down in it, feeling the coldness on my legs, the wetness of my pants and the tingling in my hands from crawling in the cold snow.

My teacher, Sat Shree, often talks about being in the immediacy of life; noticing what is happening, feeling the sensations of the body, being immersed in the moment as it arises, without “thinking”. This SNOW experience certainly had me immersed in the immediacy of in the now!   

As I stood up and looked back toward the house, I glanced at the ground and the snow was sparkling like glitter….pinks, gold, blues, greens…it was gorgeous. Fascinated by the sparkling glitter I continued walking back toward the house. The different depths of snow on the mountainous terrain once again caught my attention, never knowing how deep my foot was going to go into the snow pack. Numerous animal foot prints caught my attention! Each left its own very unique imprint in the snow. One unusual one called to me. There were two small imprints side by side and behind (or in front of it) were two single imprints. As I glanced over the snow packed hillside, I could tell that many different animals had covered the same ground I was covering just a little earlier, some leaving trails for 20 or 30 feet. However, none were there now, except for an occasional rabbit here and there. And thus ended my experience in the SNOW for today!

Many teachings speak about Living in the NOW and the importance of being in this moment. AND I must say that after this mesmerizing time in the snow, I feel it gave me a deeper appreciation of being in the moment..."Living in the NOW”

Where were YOU when you felt you were Living in the NOW?

Do you want to live in the NOW, to a greater degree?  What might that look like? 

Have you ever observed a child at play, totally immersed in the moment?  Can you think of a time when you could be like a child...and play?  Does this sound like fun? 


Wishing you a wonderful DAY of living fully in each and every moment!

With love, Sharon


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