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Posted on March 4, 2018 at 1:15 AM

Dear Readers,

I’ll be hosting some radio programs this month that are aligned with some of the areas I’ve been blogging about, so I wanted to share with you these programs.

You can access them all online at or you can call into the program directly at: 845 277 9394 when it is live.

Program will be held on Thursday’s at 11 am, Pacific Time. However, they are subject to change which will be noted on the website.

Below are the dates, link and a description about the program. Join me! Call in!

I’d love to talk with you on air about these topics!

With love, Sharon

MARCH 8: Finding Peace- A Spiritual Perspective and Practice

Do you seek a greater PEACE? Would you like to find a way to be at peace with all that is going on in the world. There is a way to be in the world, fully engaged and totally at peace. Creating a life-style that allows you to begin a couple simple practices, can make all the difference in the world. Tune in for this introduction to three simple practices which can transform your life and the way you look upon the world. We'll also touch on how to create a life-style that supports your spiritual practice and some basis truths...universal truths, the world revolves around.


MARCH 15: Meditation Made Simple

Meditation can be a very simple way. It does not have to be difficult or impossible. During this program I’ll talk about how to begin a practice of meditation in a very simple way. In addition, I’ll share with you two ways it can be helpful. One, is to bring greater clarity to your Outer World...your day to day living. And the second, is how to explore your Inner World and discover more about you.



MARCH 22: Creating a Life-Style that Really Works for You

Do you yearn for a less hectic life? Do you yearn to have time to take a walk in nature? Do you yearn to have less stress? All of this is possible if you are willing to "re-think" your daily life. Join us for this program today and be inspired to create a life-style that works for YOU.



MARCH 29: The Power of Your “Self-Talk”

On the program today, Sharon will speak about the POWER of Self-Talk. Have you ever listened, REALLY listened to your "self-talk". Self-Talk is that inner dialogue that is going on through the day. Listening to what you are saying to yourself, can be very revealing. Sometimes, we don't realize the messages we are giving our self, every day, all day long. Tune in and learn a simple way to check yourself and discover if your self-talk is empowering or disempowering for you. In addition, learn a simple way to transform your self-talk immediately.


SHARON ANN WIKOFF has been in search of spiritual truth since the age of 10. She is passionate about sharing her experience with others, empowering them to find greater peace, self-understanding and a way to embrace all of life. She is author of the ebook, Honoring Your Spiritual Journey.



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