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Posted on February 9, 2018 at 3:05 AM

Dear Readers,

Years ago I was in a class and we were asked to write out our name and then write a word for each letter that described us. So, I decided to do this process again. In addition, this time I also added a sentence to tell a little about the word and how it related to me. I encouraged myself to write the words quickly, often using the first word that came to mine. This proved very interesting. And I learned about myself in the process. Here is my list.

S Sharing

I so enjoy sharing Truth with others!

H Happy

I am naturally happy most of the time…enjoying each moment of the day… each day of the week.

A Authentic

I have learned to be more authentic, more true to myself and don’t act any longer, just to please others.

R Respectful

I am respectful toward myself, appreciating my uniqueness and respect the uniqueness of others.

O Openness

I enjoy living with openness, sharing myself and enjoying the openness of others.

N Nurturing

I enjoy nurturing my creative spirit as well as the creative spirit in others.



A Allowing

Allowing has been a powerful word for me, for years. As I allow others to be who they are, that also allows me to be myself.

N Natural

I enjoy living as naturally as possible…eating natural, real food, living in a simple way, finding pleasure it daily life and find myself dressing more naturally now, with very little jewelry and extras.

N Nice

I’ve been referred to as being so “nice” in the past, however, now I believe I’m more authentic, instead of nice. I speak my Truth and not saying something that I think others might want me to say.


I invite you to play the words in your name in this way too.

Have fun! Play! Enjoy the process!


With love, sharon

PS I hadn’t mentioned this, because I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to complete my idea….but I’m attempting to write 28 blogs in 28 days! I’ve done this twice before and found it SO helpful; to go deeply into the work I was doing at the time. This website is the first one I’ve ever put together around my spiritual life. So, as I write daily, I’m discovering more about what wants to come forth in THIS moment. I find it a way of challenging myself to be “in the moment” and “very real”!


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