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Seeing YOU with "new" eyes!

Posted on February 8, 2018 at 1:40 AM

Dear Readers,

Yesterday I wrote about becoming a “watchful observer” of yourself. Did you try this? How did it work?:)

When we step back from the moment…and become the “observer” of what we are doing, we can have a more objective view of this person called “YOU”.:)

TODAY, I suggest you try this and attempt to see the wonderful and unique ways you operate in the world. :)

It’s been my experience that most individuals don’t fully see and appreciate the UNIQUE qualities that make them who they are. Sometimes, because we become so used to the way we talk, the way we express our self, the way we interact with others, we don’t see our uniqueness.

Years ago, I knew a young women who was SO talented. She was an excellent cartoon artist, lovely singer, fabulous runner and was great with children. And yet she didn’t really honor who she was. She couldn’t see herself in a way that valued her gifts.:(

SO, I invite you to step back and attempt to be the “watchful observer” of yourself…and see the goodness YOU bring into the world.

I invite you to see yourself with "new" eyes! :)

Following are some suggestions of what you might look for during your observation.


The way you listen to others

The flavor you bring to others during interactions

What you focus your attention on during your day

How you take care of yourself

The manner in which you care for your home

The love you share with others

Your honesty

The compassion you have for yourself and others

Your peaceful nature


Know that no one in the world is like YOU! Come to appreciate and honor and respect the gift of YOU!:)


With love,


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