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Being the "Watchful Observer"!

Posted on February 6, 2018 at 3:35 PM

Greetings ~

Years ago when I was working as a parent-educator, I had the pleasure of taking an 80 hour course with parent-educator, Magda Gerber, whose philosophy was to show great respect to infants and encouraged parents to trust the baby to be the initiator, the explorer and a self-learner.  After finishing her class, I was writing my monthly article for the Sonoma County Gazette, called, "Listening 2 Children", and came up with the phrase, "watchful observer" to describe how we could be as parents and educators with infants and young children. :)

As we became the "watchful observer" we would allow a child to move, play and explorer on her/his own, rather than always playing with the child, during floor time.  This gave the child an opportunity to learn things in his/her own see what worked and didn't work.  And it gave us adults an opportunity to sit back and truly enjoy all that the child was learning.  :)

Just as a side note, but important I believe, Magda suggested that the time for interaction was when we were feeding, diapering or bathing the little one.  During these times, we'd deeply interact with the child and actively involve him/her in the process. I came to learn what a deeply rich experience those times of interaction were as well as the truth behind the concept of being the "watchful observer".  :)

Some years later, after taking this course, I saw that this term, "WATCHFUL OBSERVER", could also be used if we want to live more consciously.  Can we become the "watchful observer" of our self in daily life and learn from this experience?    :roll:

What if we were to look at our self... in a sort of objective manner?  What might we see? For example, what if we were the "watchful observer" of our self, as we interact with our house-mate, or significant other?   What if we became the "watchful observer" of our self as we talk to our children?  What might we see if we were the "watchful observer" of our self as we drive in traffic? :/

This practice can give us a distance from our self, during which we might be able to see how we appear to others. :/

As we decide to live consciously, looking at our self in an objective manner we can learn much.  It gives us an opportunity to see the goodness that we show to other people. It also gives us an opportunity to change if we see something we want to change.  

BE AWARE though that you don't use this as an opportunity to become upset with yourself and beat yourself up!  THIS IS NOT PRODUCTIVE. :o We can do nothing about the past and being angry about past actions, isn't productive and actually adds to keeping the old ways in place.   :(

What is helpful, is simply to note what you observed, decide how you wish to act next time, and try out that new way of being when the next opportunity arises!  :)  This is the way to shift the past. :)

Actions are very powerful!  And we can each choose the actions we want to take in any one moment, when we live consciously.  We are all here to grow and change.  And as we become the "watchful observer" of the way we are in the world, we can choose how to act in each and every moment!  Life is for learning...we are not going to always do it perfectly.  This we need to accept and yet always attempt to act more perfectly the next time around.  The effort put forth is the important thing!  We are in the process of growing and changing.  And when we choose our actions....we are living consciously...we are living a spiritual life. 

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with great love, 



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