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One Step at a Time

Posted on February 6, 2018 at 12:15 AM

Greetings again, 

As I am writing about different ways of being in the world and as I myself, am making changes in my life situation, I'm reminded  that we just need to take the next step...we don't need to have all the answers as we move forward in small ways, one step at a time. :)

This idea...and this "Truth" about life is SO encouraging. For me, it makes this moment...and the next step SO much easier. 

When we are deeply drawn to make a shift in our daily routine, our diet or our work situation, we can rest assured that taking the next step will reveal future actions that our needed.  Having faith that the path will unfold is important.  When we put an intention in place about some aspect of our life, the energetic field, so to speak, to make it happen is set in motion.  There is a momentum set in place.  However, if we continuously jump in with our doubts, this disrupts the flow and stops the intent set in place.  :roll:

Therefore, once you decide to move forward in a certain way, hold to the intention, catch the doubts if they come up...and allow the momentum to continue.  

Is there a shift you want to make in some area of your life? :/

Does it seem like a "big" deal to move forward with it? :o

Can you break it down into smaller steps? :roll:

If so, what might your "next step" look like? :)

Wishing you a wonder-filled day...


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