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Saying YES to quiet time!

Posted on February 4, 2018 at 3:20 PM


In the last Blog I write about Self-Care.  One of the Self-Care practices, I mentioned that was important for me was Quiet Time.  In this Blog I want to explore this topic in a greater way. :)

I'm observing that in our fast-paced world, many adults and children have very little time to themselves.  For adults, often times they schedule every minute of their day, going from meeting to meeting, or activity to activity.  Sometimes, this is necessary, but on a regular basis, it can get folks into a very ACTIVE life-style.  When you are always on the go, always doing, doing, doing; you don't have an opportunity to check in with your self, to see what your internal barometer is telling you. :lol:  It might be saying, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  STOP all this doing!   I need some time out for relaxing, reflecting and remembering...what my deeper purpose is.  

Quiet time outside is also very refreshing and a time to reinvigorate your mind, body and soul.  For me, doing outside for a walk, doesn't come naturally!  Sitting at my computer, re-designing my website or writing a blog is more natural.  So, I have to PLAN these walks into my weekly schedule or they don't happen.  (I'm telling you my secret here!)  Don't tell ok!?  :roll:

So, I invite you to reflect on what comes easily to you?  And what is it that YOU really want to do...and feel would be a good practice, but doesn't come naturally to you?  :)

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Wishing you a wonderful day...

sharon :)

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