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What does Self-Care mean to YOU?

Posted on February 4, 2018 at 2:50 PM


Years back when I first heard the term "Self-Care", I had two thoughts.  First, I thought....well everyone takes care of them self.  And in the background, I also thought:  What does that exactly mean? :/

SO, I'm wondering what does it mean to you?  I'd love to know. :/

As I'm gotten to know myself better, it's become much more clear to me, what "SELF-CARE" means for ME.  For me, I need much quiet time, time for meditating and self-inquiry.  This often means saying no to a night out with friends, not answering the telephone the second it rings, or giving myself permission for an extra long meditation. :)

NOTE:  I now actually turn the ringer off on my phone.  I just LOVE not having that sharp ring!  This has made such a difference in my home.  It remains quiet most of the time.  And when someone calls, I have an answer machine that records their message and then I can return the call later.  Thank you Julianne for this FABULOUS idea!  

One day, some time ago, I realized that I always tried to accommodate every request made of me.  I didn't really try and adjust it so it was better for me, but went along with what others requested.  And the amazing thing, is that I didn't even realize I had been doing that for YEARS!!  :roll:

As I learned to take time to just sit in the silence I became more in touch with me...who I am... what I need in daily life...and the practices that are right for me.  :)

Seeing that this is the month of Valentine's Day which is all about LOVE, I thought it would be a wonderful time to deeply reflect on how I can take better care of me.  So, I'm re-looking at my daily schedule to see what I want to shift.  Is there something new I need to give myself permission to do. Is there something I know I "should" do and am not doing. And perhaps if I actually created a daily schedule with that in it... perhaps it would be easier to take those actions. :)

Would you like to shift the way YOU take care of YOURSELF?  

I'm offering a F*R*E*E* 45 minute session to the first 7 people who contact me during this month and would like to work with me around the idea of Self-Care.  Together We Learn... Together We Grow!  

Wishing you a day, week and month of love...and hope you take good care of yourself.  KNOW there is no one else like YOU in this world. You are important!  YOU make a difference. 

with great love to you, 


PS Presently, this site doesn't allow for small pictures to be added, which I feel convey SO much.  So, for now, I'm adding these faces to the Blog.  

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