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Are you MORE than what you reveal to others?

Posted on February 2, 2018 at 7:05 PM


For many years, I knew myself as one person, and what I showed to others was a "different' me.  At the time, I would not have been able to articulate that, but looking back that is exactly what was happening. :|

Within me there was a longing...a deep longing to understanding the ways of this world. To know the Truth about God.  And yet, no one else around me was talking about these topics, so I didn't either for the most part. Back then, I didn't want to appear to be "different" in any way. So, I wasn't "real", because I wasn't truly being myself. At that time I wasn't being my authentic self.  :/

Today, I've learned to really appreciate the unique path I'm on and so appreciate the unique journey others are on. I'm doing the final edits on a book I wrote last year, called "Honoring YOUR Spiritual Journey".  In it I share my journey and invite you to honor yourself...your journey, and add entries to the pages, about your process. :)  I'll share parts of it with you during the next month, as I write about my journey.  

If you resonate with any of my writing, I invite you to response on the Blog or write to me personally at [email protected]  I'd love to hear your learn about your journey in life.   :)

Following are just a few questions for reflection and for self-inquiry.  Pondering such questions and keeping a journal about your insights, can be a wonderful way for deepening your understanding of yourself and your life. 

1.  Deep within yourself, what is important to you? :)

2.  What do you LOVE about your life? :)

3.  What are you grateful for in your life? :)

4.  If you could spend one day, anywhere, doing anything, where would it be? What would you be doing? How would you like the day to be?  :)

I look forward to blogging...and hope you'll join me as I share my journey...the ups...the downs...and the JOY of it all!

with great blessings to you, 


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