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The Bitter-Sweet Truth of Childhood & How To Find Peace

Posted on March 2, 2018 at 5:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Some months ago I was reflecing on the idea of PEACE, both World Peace and Inner Peace.  And after reading some materials, I deeply realized that PEACE is dependent on the peace of its people! Of course, I realized, how could it be any other way?

So, that means, we each have an opportunity to find that inner peace for our self…and as we do so, we actually take a step toward creating a peaceful world.

Have you found a way to live in a peaceful way? What has worked for you?

For me, I’ve learned to accept for the most part, that which I can not change. I’ve learned to live in a state of “allowing” whatever is to be.

This means allowing the world situation to be.

This means allowing my past to be.

This means allowing my adult children to be.

This means allowing my friends to be just as they are.

This means for the most part to accept What Is.

But one thing happened some years ago, that I had a hard time allowing to be. This was when I had a spontaneous remembrance of my infancy. I saw myself so uncomfortable in my mother’s arms because of the strong distasteful odor of cigarettes!  Seeing this and feeling this, I was deeply saddened. Even today, I do not like being around cigarettes, and realized how difficult it was for me as an infant.  And in time, I deeply realized that my mother was doing the best she could at that time, so really didn’t blame her… but still was very sad.

So, my solution at the time was to write a series of letters, which I called “Dear Little Ones”. These were a series of letters written to the “little one” from their Guarding Angel. I wrote a variety of letters, each for a different stage of the little one's development.  The letters were ones we could read as an adult, comforting that "little one" within. 

Following is one such letter:


Dear Little One…

You are such a beautiful Little One! Know that as your Guarding Angel I want the best for you always! You are so special. You are unique…one of a kind. We have been awaiting your arrival. And YOU have arrived and your journey on Planet Earth has begun! You are so loved!

I feel your pain from all that goes on around you.

The gruff voices you hear.

The uncertainty of who is going to pick you up.

The times it’s so hard to breathe…with all the cigarette smoke around you.

But know that you have great courage within…courage that will carry you through life.

You have great strength within also… a strength that will allow you to go through the challenges.

And within you is faith…to carry you forward always…

And within you in great love….love that will always surround you….

Right now, just rest and take in this love…

Feel this love….

Allow it to fill you completely….

I am always with you…

With love, Your Guardian Angel


So, if you have had a bitter-sweet experience in your childhood, I hope you can take in the LOVE that is in this letter…from your guardian angel… from the Universe of love…and KNOW you are loved!!!

Just a year ago or so, during meditation, I felt just a HUGE HUGE LOVE from the Universe. It was like the Universe was loving ME! It was a love greater than any love I’ve ever experienced.

I just cried in its presence…not feeling worthy of such GREAT LOVE! So, as we come to spend time with the Universe during sitting in times of Silence…the Universe does find us at some point…and lets us know we’ve been “FOUND”, as my teacher Sat Shree would say. This is a gift.

However, right now if it is difficult for you to feel such love from the Universe or the “Dear Little One” letter, if you are still feeling the pain, there is another VERY potent way of being with all that you are feeling…AND that can heal it.

Just be with all that you are feeling.

And then, put the story aside, and just feel the “energy” of your pain.

Find its location in your body…and focus on that place in your body.

BE with it! Stay with it, without any story.

It will do one of three things:

First, it just may leave… and it will be gone.

Second, it may speak to you. It may tell you more about it. 

Third, you may feel a heat in the area or in your body in general. Stay with it. This is the transformation of that energy into light. 

What I've come to understand is that events in our childhood, which may not be what we would call "traumatic", can actually leave us with symptoms of "trauma". 

When we are little, our system is very open and thus we easily take in whatever is happening around us. And seemingly “common happenings” or every day events can cause trauma in the little one.  Peter Levine has spent a life time writing about how such experiences can be healed.  So, know that if you did have a difficult childhood, there is a way you can come to peace with it.  I invite you to seek support.  Find the resources that work for you.  Feel free to connect with me here or by  email at:  [email protected]  You are not alone.  

Sending much love to you….

And wishing you great peace…