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Let Go....and Become! + RADIO PROGRAM

Posted on March 8, 2018 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (1)
" When I let go of what I am, I
become what I might be"
-Lao Tzu

Would you like greater PEACE?

Would YOU like to let go of who you are today...
and become the spiritual being you were created to be? 

If you are interested in shifting things in your life, join me for a

radio program:

 Finding PEACE...a Spiritual Perspective and Practice 

WHEN: Thursday, March 8


CALL IN NUMBER: (845) 277.9394 

TIME: 11 AM Pacific Time   



During the program you will:  

* Learn 3 simple practices that can transform your life

* Explore some universal a basis for living

* Discover how to create a life-style that support your becoming 

* Experience how sitting in the silence may create a greater PEACE  

SHARON ANN WIKOFF has been in search of spiritual truth since the age of 10. She is passionate about sharing her experience with others, empowering them to find greater peace, self-understanding and a way to embrace all of life.

Hope you'll join me for this LIVE radio program!

with love, 


Living in the NOW!

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Last night we had more SNOW…adding to the SNOW from yesterday and the SNOW from the day before. For me, having lived the majority of my life in Southern and Northern California, SNOW is a new experience.

Unlike living in southern California, if you want to go outside, you just don’t walk out the door! You PREPARE! Two pairs of pants, two sweaters, one jacket, one scarf, gloves, heavy socks and then the boots! THEN you are ready to go out.

Although the need to help take out the trash barrels was the main reason for preparing to going outside, after the task was completed, the snow called to me. It drew me into the mountains around the house, to explore this mountain of snow. It was captivating! Each step was an experience! Sometimes, the snow was 6 inches deep, sometimes just 2 inches deep. In the 6 inch snow, the steps were almost like a stomping, because the entire foot had to come up out of the snow, you couldn’t just do a regular “walk” in this snow. I actually became lost in the experience of walking around… not knowing what the next step would bring. Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Even the sound was fascinating.

At one point I looked up and was once again mesmerized…this time by the hills all around which were spotted with the bright clumps of white snow. Hill after hill, spotted with the white snow was breath-taking. The bushes closest to me also had branches which were holding the snow, but as the sun rays touched them, clumps of the snow would fall to the ground.

As I continued walking the snow became deeper and deeper, thus my steps became higher and higher, making deep indentions in the sheet of snow covering the ground. The snow was calling to me…I needed to be closer to it, so I feel to the ground on all fours, playing in the snow. I flattened a section of it and then drew a large heart on it. I felt like a child…just me and the SNOW. It was magical! I continued crawling around in the snow and sensed I was being like an animal…with the bushes even with my eyes. I was at the same level as the bushes. One bush caught my attention. I stopped and starred at the bush, seeing all the intricate little needles coming off of a hundred small branches. The golden browns tones were gorgeous. I still wanted to be nearer to the snow, so turned around and just sat down in it, feeling the coldness on my legs, the wetness of my pants and the tingling in my hands from crawling in the cold snow.

My teacher, Sat Shree, often talks about being in the immediacy of life; noticing what is happening, feeling the sensations of the body, being immersed in the moment as it arises, without “thinking”. This SNOW experience certainly had me immersed in the immediacy of in the now!   

As I stood up and looked back toward the house, I glanced at the ground and the snow was sparkling like glitter….pinks, gold, blues, greens…it was gorgeous. Fascinated by the sparkling glitter I continued walking back toward the house. The different depths of snow on the mountainous terrain once again caught my attention, never knowing how deep my foot was going to go into the snow pack. Numerous animal foot prints caught my attention! Each left its own very unique imprint in the snow. One unusual one called to me. There were two small imprints side by side and behind (or in front of it) were two single imprints. As I glanced over the snow packed hillside, I could tell that many different animals had covered the same ground I was covering just a little earlier, some leaving trails for 20 or 30 feet. However, none were there now, except for an occasional rabbit here and there. And thus ended my experience in the SNOW for today!

Many teachings speak about Living in the NOW and the importance of being in this moment. AND I must say that after this mesmerizing time in the snow, I feel it gave me a deeper appreciation of being in the moment..."Living in the NOW”

Where were YOU when you felt you were Living in the NOW?

Do you want to live in the NOW, to a greater degree?  What might that look like? 

Have you ever observed a child at play, totally immersed in the moment?  Can you think of a time when you could be like a child...and play?  Does this sound like fun? 


Wishing you a wonderful DAY of living fully in each and every moment!

With love, Sharon


Upcoming Radio Programs

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Dear Readers,

I’ll be hosting some radio programs this month that are aligned with some of the areas I’ve been blogging about, so I wanted to share with you these programs.

You can access them all online at or you can call into the program directly at: 845 277 9394 when it is live.

Program will be held on Thursday’s at 11 am, Pacific Time. However, they are subject to change which will be noted on the website.

Below are the dates, link and a description about the program. Join me! Call in!

I’d love to talk with you on air about these topics!

With love, Sharon

MARCH 8: Finding Peace- A Spiritual Perspective and Practice

Do you seek a greater PEACE? Would you like to find a way to be at peace with all that is going on in the world. There is a way to be in the world, fully engaged and totally at peace. Creating a life-style that allows you to begin a couple simple practices, can make all the difference in the world. Tune in for this introduction to three simple practices which can transform your life and the way you look upon the world. We'll also touch on how to create a life-style that supports your spiritual practice and some basis truths...universal truths, the world revolves around.


MARCH 15: Meditation Made Simple

Meditation can be a very simple way. It does not have to be difficult or impossible. During this program I’ll talk about how to begin a practice of meditation in a very simple way. In addition, I’ll share with you two ways it can be helpful. One, is to bring greater clarity to your Outer World...your day to day living. And the second, is how to explore your Inner World and discover more about you.



MARCH 22: Creating a Life-Style that Really Works for You

Do you yearn for a less hectic life? Do you yearn to have time to take a walk in nature? Do you yearn to have less stress? All of this is possible if you are willing to "re-think" your daily life. Join us for this program today and be inspired to create a life-style that works for YOU.



MARCH 29: The Power of Your “Self-Talk”

On the program today, Sharon will speak about the POWER of Self-Talk. Have you ever listened, REALLY listened to your "self-talk". Self-Talk is that inner dialogue that is going on through the day. Listening to what you are saying to yourself, can be very revealing. Sometimes, we don't realize the messages we are giving our self, every day, all day long. Tune in and learn a simple way to check yourself and discover if your self-talk is empowering or disempowering for you. In addition, learn a simple way to transform your self-talk immediately.


SHARON ANN WIKOFF has been in search of spiritual truth since the age of 10. She is passionate about sharing her experience with others, empowering them to find greater peace, self-understanding and a way to embrace all of life. She is author of the ebook, Honoring Your Spiritual Journey.



Listening to Your Heart

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Dear Readers….

Listening to Your Heart is the topic for today’s blogging.

Some time ago, I heard a friend say that she was doing a collage on “Listening to her Heart”. She’s collecting pictures and arranging them on a board with the focus of listening to her heart…what does her heart say, what does her heart want…what does he heart feel. I thought, what a beautiful way to connect to her heart…to her depth longing…to her passion.

Another young woman I know yearns to work less, to have more free time, to say NO to the 9-5 routine. However, those around her strongly believe that a strong work ethic is the 9-5 routine, and she is following them, not wanting to disappoint them… and not listening to her heart. Years ago she longed to move to Colorado…she felt pulled there, however, she never did.

As I write this, I’m deeply sensing the depth of different between these two individuals and their situations.

The lady who is creating the collage about listening to her HEART, is on a path of discovery…of listening to her inner thoughts…to discover, to learn, to change, and to grow. With such a practice she’ll be moving ever more into alignment with her purpose, with her authenticity.

In the second situation, even though his young women is doing great service in the world and making a huge difference in people's lives as a therapist, she is following her "head", what she feels is the “right” thing to do in the world and not her heart…or that which she wants to do.

As I listen to my heart, I see that I have such a deep longing to share truth, to sing it from the mountain tops…to shout it from the mountain tops!! I yearn to support people as they yearn to live and grow in the world.

As I write this, I’m asking myself…WHY is this so strong in me. I wonder about the WHY behind this. Perhaps it’s because I myself, have had such a difficult journey finding the TRUTH about the way this whole works…the underlying principles behind it...the principles LIVING it.

Perhaps I think I’ll ease my own pain…. if I support others. Perhaps I want to try and save others years of searching…years of going from one teaching to another… years of struggle.

And yet I know we each have our own path to follow…and our own timing. And if this is so, perhaps it really doesn’t make a difference at all…if I share my experience… because each one will discover their own path… in their own timing. AND the truth is that everyone, is time… makes it to the mountain top…to the truth of who they are…to the truth of what life is all about. SO, why do anything at all….why care….why work… why write…why do anything at all?

I do know that truly it does matter what we do or don’t do! And it matters what you do or don’t do. We each make a difference.

If it hadn’t been for those who went before me…I would not know what I know today. If it hadn’t been for the books that have been written… that I’ve read… I would not be where I am today. SO, we each do make a different…We each have a role to play….We are all interconnected… and thus do make a difference.

The trick is, we need to do whatever we do…with the deepest truth we know and without expectation. We must do our work, without expectation for any reward, without any need for acknowledgement, without any need for compensation. And thus, we live freely…and rightly…and honestly.

So, I ask…

What is your deepest desire?

What do you yearn to do?

What do you yearn to be?

What do you yearn to share?

Wishing each of you great love and the courage to listen to YOUR heart…and follow.


Quote from Wayne Dyer

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Dear Readers...

I wanted to share you a brief quote by Wayne Dyer, which I

feel is very powerful and

puts everything into the

correct perspective.

in joy,


The essential lesson I've learned in life

is to be yourself.

Treasure the magnificent being

that you are 

and recognize first and foremost,

that you're not here

as a human being only.

You're a spiritual being

having a

human experience.

Wayne Dyer

Living Consciously

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As we choose to want to live more consciously, opportunities arise to become aware of the way we are in the world.

How do we treat our self?

How do we treat others?

Do we have to have things our own way, or are we flexible?

What pushes our buttons?

Before we became conscious, we might just accept whatever we do, as just being “ME”. But as we become conscious, knowing that our actions do many a difference, we begin to ponder what we do.

All of these questions are ones that we can ask our self and then sit with during times of silence, and reflect on them. When we want to become more conscious, then everything matters. The way we act, our responses and the quality of our interactions do matter.

My spiritual teacher, Sat Shree, was just speaking about this in a talk he gave from India this week. He shared that as a teen he had lived a rather wild life, not seeing a reason for living otherwise. And when he had his spontaneous awakening in 1998, immediately he saw that EVERYTHING MATTERS. In that moment, he knew that Life was Purposeful and what a person does or doesn’t know makes a difference.

And as he began living in his new consciousness much was revealed to him, so he came to just KNOW how the universe works. One aspect of this knowingness was that he saw it was important for individuals not to avoid experiences or turn away from those situations that are difficult to deal with. He saw that energetically, all situations need to be met; otherwise one’s system will create structures or patterns to avoid similar situations in the future.

As I reflect on this now, I find the human system AMAZING in its complexity and so beautiful. We came here in a body…to learn and to grow! So it would make perfect sense that if we tend to avoid something, it would be the perfect learning opportunity for us.

In the same way, if we have strong desires for certain things or certain types of experiences, this too is not the most favorable way to live. As a human we want to learn to be more neutral, to ACCEPT WHAT IS and to learn to handle whatever arises. Would not life be so much easier, if we were able to go along with the flow of life and BE PRESENT to each moment, as it appears in front of us?

If this is the first time you are hearing these ideas, you might have a strong reaction to what you are reading. I can understand that this can be a challenge at first, because for many, having strong preferences may have been a way of life for you. We see others around us wanting this or that, so it becomes the way we learn to live too. We accept this as normal. And yet, when one chooses the spiritual path, the conscious life, we are introduced to new ideas, truths and guidelines for living more aligned with universal principles.

But doesn’t it make sense that being able to accept what arises would make live SO much less stressful.One way to be able to live in a more neutral manner, is to take time to sit in the silence; to become still and allow these new ideas, new ways of being to flow through you. When we allow the universal energies to flow through us, things can shift. It’s only when we are living as a separate “person”, wanting this or that, that such preferences come into play so strongly.

The truth is that we are MORE than our little separate self. The “Being” that animates our life through our personality is of a different nature. And when we give our self over, we can relax; we can allow things to shift and this actually supports us with living aligned to the universe in a much deeper manner.

Do know that the Universe is Purposeful! And as we listen to our heart, to our inner guidance, we can learn to relax into a new way of living… with less stress, less preferences and to ACCEPT life as it shows up.

Sending great love to you,



Your Inner Self-Talk

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Have you ever listened consciously to the “talk” that in going on within your mind?

Years ago, I was in a writing class, and the intention was to write a book of 50,000 words in 6 months, I believe it was. So, I thought it would be a great idea to write about our inner dialogue. So, I decided to keep track of the type of thoughts I was saying to myself. I was shocked; much of it was so negative.

You’ll never do that!

Why are you doing it that way?

Why did you say that?

At first I kept a tally list with only two columns. One column was positive self-talk and the other column was negative self-talk. I was so surprised that I told myself such negative things. After a while, the list became more specific and I’d focus on the different types of self-talk.

I invite you to LISTEN to your inner voice.

What is it telling you?

Do you like what it is saying?

Today, my inner dialogue is much more positive.

Yes, you’ll be able to do that!

You did a great job teaching today!

Great job, you’ve done yoga every day since you arrived on your retreat!

And yet, we have to be the "watchful observer", making sure those negative thoughts aren't sneaking into our inner diagolue.  I hope you can enjoy the process of listening to your inner dialogue and getting to know yourself on an even deeper level. It really is an exciting adventure to discover more about our self.  

Learning about our self and learning to create that which we want in the world is a life-time adventure. Enjoy the journey!

With great love, :)


Please email me at [email protected] I’d love to hear from you.


A Conversation about Life Styles

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This week has been so busy for me! I host a study circle at my home on Wednesday and Thursday and then on Friday, I began a new meditation group. In addition, once a month, I hold two extra group lessons for my piano students. (I’ve taught piano for decades now.) However, the week-end group lessons are new and much fun, but do require much preparation, for I may have 10 children in my home/studio all at one time!

All of this together, made for a very busy week. And as I reflect on this experience, I was reminded, that this was very unusual. Usually, my days have a wonderful flow to them, which much extra time.

So, I’ve decided to talk a little about life-style and wondered how YOU create a life-style that works for you?


For myself, being a senior, and working part-time, it’s been pretty easy to create a relaxed life-style MOST of the time. About one year ago, I wanted to increase my meditation time to I have made sure that most of the time I do not schedule any early morning appointments or lessons. This has made it very nice. I almost always have the option to stay in meditation as long as I wish.

Piano lessons were every afternoon, from about 3:30 to 6 pm until about 6 months ago. At that point I decided I wanted a 3 day week-end, so re-arranged my teaching schedule. I’ve certainly enjoyed having Friday’s free now most of the time.


Since I work with many children in regards to piano lessons, I see many families. And I see so many different types of life-styles. I know one family that has three children and have decided to schedule most of their activities on two days, so they have the other three school days free. Others have activities each day of the week.

I remember years ago when my children were young, that getting ready to go to their ballet lessons was very challenging. Finally, I said we do not need to go! These lessons are “extra” and not required! In the long run, we did end up ending the dance lessons, because it wasn’t a priority for them, and it certainly wasn’t one for me.

Sometimes, though parents feel that their children are missing out if they aren’t involved numerous lessons such as dance, piano, art, and sports. And yet, what is a child missing on a daily basis, if they do not have any down time? If there isn’t sufficient time to play after school, or to just sit in their room and day dream.

I’ve created some questions for parents as well as some for kids, to reflect on to see if your current life-style is desirable. So often, we can get into a certainly type of life-style, and just don’t think about changing it although it really isn’t working. So here are some questions that may support you is reviewing your life-style and seeing if it’s right for YOU!:)


Do you often feel you’d like an extra 6 hours in the day?

Do you have time to talk to you children about their day and really learn what happened? What they liked? What was difficult for them?

Do you know who your children’s friends are?  Do you have time to arrange for play-dates? 

Are you able to take time during the day for self-reflection?

Are you able to come together for meals with your children, for an unrushed time of sharing?

Are you able to get a sufficient night’s sleep?

Do you have a schedule worked out so that getting ready for school has a flow?

Forgetting your current daily life, what would make the perfect day for you? Are there some parts of that that could be brought into your life today?


Do you have some “free time” every day to do nothing?

Do you ever feel rushed and there is too much happening?

Do you have enough time to talk to your parents about your ideas, your feelings, or to ask questions?

Do you have enough unrushed time to do your homework?

Do you enjoy the extra activities you are involved in? Would you like more of them? Less of them?

What would your perfect day look like? What would you do? Is there a way to bring any part of that into your life today?

Although there will always be things to do during our day and we can’t make life perfect, we can step back and reflect on our schedule to see if “over-all” it is right for you and/or your family.


Do you have enough free time during your day?

Would you like to be more involved with others than you are now?

Do you find meaning in your life?

Do you take time for self-inquiry? For reflection?

What would your perfect day look like? What would you do? Is there a way to bring any part of that into your life today?



This month I’m taking time to fine-tune my daily schedule. I’ve found a new way of actually making a couple of practices, happen on a regular basis! These pieces have been so helpful for me. First, I’ve decided to WALK immediately following my meditation in the morning. I’m so pleased with this arrangement. It’s making a walk happen almost every day. And it’s not a big decision as to WHEN to walk…it’s just happening after meditation.

And second, I’ve combined doing YOGA on a regular basis, with listening to a spiritual talk in the evening after meditation. This too, is really working.

And a third, I’ll just mention briefly, is that I’ve fine-tuned the foods that I’m eating. I’ve taken a few foods out of my diet, and I’m finding that what I’m eating now is so satisfying. Perhaps I'll share more about this in a future blog.


As I’m finishing this blog, I’m reminded of the truth, that if you change just ONE thing, it can shift everything.

So, I invite you to look at your life, and if you’d like a change, just start with ONE small shift…and see what happens.

I’d love to hear from you. My email is [email protected]


Namaste, sharon