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How do YOU want to BE in the World?

Posted on February 11, 2018 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Greetings Readers....

Today is Sunday and I’ve given myself permission to be very laid back, seeing that my week was SO busy! It’s now 3:30 and I’m still in my pajamas!

Feels wonderful! Sometimes, I do feel we just have to “break our own rules” and do what feels right in the moment. I even slept in and didn’t meditate until 8 AM which is very unusual! As we learn to listen to our body and our inner voice, we can give our self permission to be true to our self in a very honest way.

Last night perhaps meditation, the subject of setting “INTENTIONS” for life came into my awareness. And then the idea that flashed was, “How Do I Want to “BE” in the world?” So, I’m inviting you to think how YOU would like to “BE” in the world…and create an intention for 2018 around that.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:   During my 13 weeks at and hosting my show, the Voice For Truth, I interviewed various people about their work. Sheila Ramsey was one such person. She is author of Personal Leadership, along with Barbara Schaetti and Gordon Watanabe. She led listeners through the process of creating a Personal Leadership Statement on my show in October of 2017.   I want to acknowledge her work, because knowing about her I believe, allowed this idea to come to me in meditation.   

So as I was playing around with this idea today, I wrote down possible words of how I want to “BE” in the world….from A-Z. For years, I’ve written down words for every letter of the alphabet, for various projects I’ve done. Below I wrote down some ideas/ words that could apply. Some of these wording are stretching it a bit, as far as the way of “Being” goes. But, I love playing with words… like this, so allowed the flow to take place.


A: Allowing, Authentic,

B: Bold

C: Courageous, Confident, Compassionate

D: Dynamic

E: Efficient, Effective

F: Forgiving

G: Good, Gratitude

H: Honest,

I: Integrity, intelligent

J: Joyous, Just

K: Kind

L: Loving, Light-hearted

M: Magical, Magnanimous

N: Nurturing

O: Open

P: Playful, Powerful, Possibilities

R: Respectful

S: Sincere, Stable,

T: Trusting,

U: Unique

V: Victorious

W: Willing

X: X-cellance

Y: Yielding

Z: Zest

Then I went back and decided to write a statement of “BEING” for myself, using the ones that seemed most appropriate.

This was what I came up with, for the draft, which I’ll sit with and see how it feels.


I intent to BE authentic, sharing who I am and be open to the present moment,
allowing all to be, accepting life as it shows up. It’s my intention to share my Truth in loving ways, 
to inspire and uplift others,
making a difference in each and every moment.


Another part of this, which is similar to Sheila’s work, is that such a statement, can apply to every area of one’s life: personal, professional, spiritual, family, etc.


Feel free to make your intention as long or as short as you wish. As long as YOU can deeply relate to it, that is the important thing. Also, feel free to adjust it as you wish.

I’ll sit with mine and see if something needs to be shifted.

Have FUN! Play! See what feels right for YOU!

How do YOU want to be in the world today?


Wishing you a wonderful and relaxed Sunday!