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Sharon Ann Wikoff

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About Sharon

As a child I was curious about life.  And I actually became a seeker for spiritual Truth at a very young age.  Sitting on my bed at the age of 10, I rejected the teachings of the church I had been attending at that time, and yet I was amazed that in that moment I felt the "Presence" of a God. 

This experience began my seeking in even a deeper way.  


Fast forward twenty years... I now have three children, with my youngest being just an infant.  I saw a notice in the local newspaper about a church service called Religious Science. It called me deeply!  (Today these centers go by the name, "Center for Spiritual Living".)  So, I visited the church, arriving a little late, after getting all my children settled in with Dad.  And as I walked into the service, the minister said:  

"And each one of us is a center of God-conscious Power."  

I so resonated with that statement!  So for the next 20 years, I was a student and teacher of that philosophy.  I became the Director of Children's Services at the church. In addition, I also went through their four year ministerial program.  


Fast forward another four decades to 2015.  In the spring of 2015, I met her Teacher, Sat Shree.  He is a fully realized Teacher and through his Teachings, Trainings and Transmissions, I have found that I am no longer a "seeker", but now a "finder"! For I have found what I had been searching for since childhood; namely, the Truth about who I am, how the Universe works, the purpose of life, and my role in it and how to live. Under Sat Shree's guidance, I have learned practices to embody my spiritual understanding, meet past experiences, which had been buried, in order to protect my innocence as an infant and young child and to accept life as it shows up. I have come to know myself in a deeper way and have found a much greater peace and thus has stepped into my authority in a greater way.


Today, she hosts study circles for The Bhagavad Gita and The Mother Book in her home town in northern California and welcomes those outside the area to skype into the classes.   These books are the basis of Sat Shree's Teachings.  


Presently I continue to host my radio program, which I've done since 2006.  My radio journey began at KGGV in Guerneville, California in 2006.  Then I moved to in 2008, when I moved out of Sonoma County area.  And in 2017 I hosted a wonderful 13 week series called, the Voice for Truth at 


I work privately with individuals who are being called to the spiritual journey and those who are dedicated to experiencing greater self-love, greater self-understanding and wish support on their journey.  

1. I work with individuals to support them in creating a daily lifestyle that supports their spiritual unfoldment and transformation.  

2. I offer Tele-classes addressing practices for transformation and practical ideas about creating a life-style that nurtures your spiritual life. 

3. Weekly I host study circles on The Bhagavad Gita. (Individuals can come in person if in the Nevada City area or connect via skype.)  

4.  Voice of Change, my current radio show, can be heard around the world and has over 9 years of archived programs for your enjoyment.  

5.  I'm writing a Blog about my personal spiritual journey. Join me! Share your story your insights! 

For more information, please email: [email protected]