Sharon Ann Wikoff

Create a life-style with daily practices that support YOU in your Be-coming!   

Hello and Welcome!  

Sharon Ann Wikoff

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Hello and Welcome!

On this site I've written about some

basic spiritual practices 

which are supportive in discovering 

the Truth of who you are 

and to come to greater self-understanding 

and love for the person of YOU!

I hope you find them supportive!  


I work with individuals, who are new to the spiritual path or seasoned travelers, who would like support in creating a daily lifestyle with daily practices that supports their continued growth.  This process involves sitting in silence, self-inquiry, journaling, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques and other practices, designed for your individual and specific needs.  


As we work together in this way, you'll deepen in your ability to listen to yourself, to greatly appreciate & honor your uniqueness, creating  greater self-understanding and love of self.  As you deepen in understanding of your True Self, this often brings about a greater aliveness & vitality to one's personhood. In addition, you'll create a nature flow to your day, a lifestyle that deeply supports your goals and intentions.  

Following are some questions to consider, which might be supportive if you wish to deepen your connection to yourself and to all of life...and to deeper your self-inquiry. 




Do you understand the value you bring to the world? 

Do you ever feel you need an extra 6 hours added to your day? 

Are you able to fit into your day, the things that are really important to you?  

Would you like greater peace?     

Does your daily schedule allow for alone time, a time for reflection?

Do you long to love yourself more deeply, more truly? 

Do you aspire or long to know the Truth of who you are? 

Would you like to be able to hold the remembrances of your childhood in a different way?  

Does self-forgiveness or forgiveness of others call to you? 

Do you long to create a life-style of daily practices that support you?

If you responded with a yes to any of these questions, 

the opportunities I offer may appeal to you. 

Private sessions are offered as well as sessions by telephone or  video. 

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