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Listening to Children...of All Ages!


I’ve been writing the blog now for 16 days.  Each day I want the content to be note-worthy, important to the reader!  Daily I ponder “What should the focus be for my next blog”?   Sometimes, the topic is obvious!  Sometimes, it’s not!  Ideas come and go!  I continue my thought process.  Daily,  I want something NEW, something DIFFERENT, something to catch everyone’s attention.  For Day 17 several subject entered my mind but no decision was made!

The Importance of "Quiet Time" for all!

The Importance of “Quiet Time” for all!

Do you ever get to the point where you are yearning for some time where nothing is scheduled,  when there is no specific task that must be accomplished, when you can simply sit back and reflect on things?

I know that I certainly do!  I need this type of quiet time.  Time to think my own thoughts, to be still, to see what emerges in the stillness.  And I’ve seen how important this quiet time is for children too.

In today’s fast paced world, both the adult and child can find themselves overly involved with very little that is free from one specific activity or another.

Focusig on "What is Right"! Part II

Focusing on “What is Right” Part II

Yesterday the title of my blog was Focusing on “What is Right!” and I shared with you the work of Kurt Wright, who spent more than 20 years working with top business leaders and their organizations, to support them in "getting on a roll" and to understand what each of us is like when we are at our best. In his work he encourages individuals to focus on "what is right".

As part of his program he invites people to answer five questions, which I shared in the blog yesterday (and are below).

Focusing on "What is Right"! Part I

Focusing on “What is Right”!

Some years ago, I met a gentlemen who had initiated a program for Abundance and it was based on looking at “what is already right”, not focusing on the problem, or what is wrong.  I was very curious about his  approach and asked him more about it. He referred me to Kurt Wright’s work, and the book Breaking the Rules.

Kurt Wright, founder and President of Clear Purpose Management, Inc., has spent more than 20 years working with top business leaders and their organizations, all around the world, to support them in getting on a roll.

Fun Activities for Raising Peaceful Children

One of the best ways for a child to learn is by engaging in hands-on activities.  So incorporating them into the teaching of VALUES is an excellent way to reinforce the message you are sending.  This is true for the child you are working with whether it is your child or grandchild or if you are in a classroom situation.  Since, as I have said before EACH person who interacts with a child can be instrumental in their life, you want to take advantage of every available technique to help him or her learn to lead a peaceful life.

Raising Peaceful Children

Raising Peaceful Children  ARTICLE by Carrie Dendtler  from  /Posted on August 17, 2009

RE: www.TheParenting 

A passageway, as one would guess, is a conduit to the next thing: a way to allow movement from one place, condition or stage to the next. This blog is entitled “The Parenting Passageway” as it is intended to help support and encourage parents in peaceful parenting for our hectic world. Thank you for reading and many blessings to you.

Using special "Teacing Moments" to Reinforce Family Values

Whenever you are attempting to help your children to align with the values you hold as a family, there will be special times when a value lesson can be taught from what is going on in the moment.

raising peaceful children

I’ve discovered through my years of parenting, teaching and consulting, that if you make a BIG DEAL about one or two situations, as they occur there is a huge impact in ALL behavior in the following days, months and even years. Sometimes, it may take many many“Teaching Moments”experiences to make an impact on a child, especially if they have very deficient behavior, which has been going on for some time.

How To Teach Children to Align with Family Values

How to Teach Children to Align with Family Values

Now that you’ve chosen your family VALUES, and have started putting them into place, no doubt things have shifted somewhat.  Perhaps your positive reinforcement as discussed in yesterday’s Blog (Day 6) is working.  When your child does something in alignment with your VALUES and you “Catch Them Doing It Right” you acknowledge their performance.  In this way you have supported their good behavior and even more positive results have followed.

Choosing Your Family Values for Raising Peaceful Children Part II

peaceful children having fun

In yesterday's blog,Choosing Your Family Values for Raising Peaceful Children,I started a discussion about the use of family VALUES in generating peace within a family.  Today, this will be Part II of that discussion.

The discussion was centered around the following list of over 21 such VALUES to be considered as candidates for the “core values” you want to focus on in your family.  In addition you may come up with others.  I invite you to read through the list a couple of times to get a feel for range presented here.

Choosing Your Family VALUES for Raising Peaceful Children Part I

Creating family "VALUES" to live by,
can bring a stability to the family
and a JOY to each individual!  

nicole Costa Rica  and Birdsong Guest houses 175

At one point in my consulting career I was working with a family of four, the mother and her three children, 10 year old twins, a girl and a boy, and a 6 year old boy.  The children were very challenging.  The children were creative and fun loving but were very rude and disrespectful.  Observing the children with their mom I could see where their rudeness and disrespect was coming from.
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