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Raising Peaceful Children:  Plan of Action

During the process of writing my blog this months, I’ve shared with you many general ideas about raising peaceful children .  Hopefully you’ve been able to put some of these ideas into practice and are having good results.  However, while basic principles provide a good place to start, I always like a Plan of Action.  And that is what the blog will be about the next few days.



Why did I title my blog, Raising Peaceful Children?

For 28 days now, I’ve been writing a daily blog on Raising Peaceful Children. When I received Lesa Townsend’s newsletter about the 31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE, I thought I would write on the key topic of my work's focus, namely Listening to Children.  Since this has been the focus of my work for many years I knew I could use all of my past experiences as a basis for writing on the subject.  Without hesitation I decided to jump in and sent Lesa  “Listening to Children” as the title of the blog that I would write each day during the month of July.

Finding PEACE in nature


When my children were young, 12, 6 and 3 years of age and I was a single Mom, we lived very near a mountain, perhaps it was just a "hill", but it made for great climbing.  

I enjoyed the trek up to the top.  At the top of the mountain, I'd look down down on the city.  The view was breath-taking.  It was just such a peaceful place to be.  I found  a wonderful place to sit and would do so, pondering life. Being in nature, brought a peacefulness to my soul.

Sign of Living in PEACE

Signs of Living in PEACE

As I was reviewing the various subjects I’ve written about during this month on the subject ofRaising Peaceful Children, I thought of writing about the signs of PEACE; about how to judge how much peace there is, or isn't, in our daily life and in that of our children.

Following are signs that I feel are found int the lives of both adults and children as they find their center of PEACE.  The more peace there is within, the more these qualities will appear in individuals:

Principles To Live By / RE: CHILDREN Part II

Yesterday I wrote about the Principles to Live By as thy apply to adults.  Today's blog will have the same general focus, however I'll talk about the role they play in a child's life.

Some years ago, as the result of my work with children, it came to me that if a child is going to thrive, to live fully, to be able to develop his/her gifts, there are certain needs and preferences the child needs in order to do that.  
Following is what I’ve come to understand ....


Principles to Live By / RE: ADULTS Part I

As I was looking through my old newspaper articles, from the Sonoma County Gazette in Forestville, California aboutListening 2 Children,for ideas for the blog, I came across  a list of Principles to Live By.  As I read through them, I realized their importance for both children and adults.  Today I will cover various aspects of how such principles play a role in the life of an adult; tomorrow I will do the same with respect to children.

As I revise this list now, and as I ponder it, I think that each person could come up with their own unique list; a list that one may want to add to over a period of time.

DAY 22 Birds and Kids... what do they have in common?

Today, July 21st, I sit here at my computer, looking out the window on the backyard where the birds of every kind are enjoying their gnoshing.  Finches, sparrows, titmice are at the bird feeder hanging from the apple tree.   On the ground, underneath the feeder, the wrens are searching for their favorite insects. A very peaceful experience for all.

Twenty feet away at the hummingbird feeder hanging from the patio is the hot and fiery battle of the hummingbirds going on. This battle continues daily as the Alpha male we've named Bobby, chases all the others off as they come in for their fair share of the food.

Pictures of PEACE! Enjoy!

As I post my daily blog, I always enjoy finding images which relate to the topic of the day.  Often, I find them so uplifting and inspiring.  So today, I'll be sharing mainly images and a quote or my thoughts regarding the picture.  

Also, pictures are an excellent way of initialing a conversation with your children.  Ask them what they are seeing in the picture.  You can also explore their feelings that come up as they view the picture.


Sharon Ann Wikoff

My thoughts are like the ripples in the ocean.

Children ARE Teachers of PEACE

In the 1980’s I was working as the Children’s Director of Education at the West Valley Center for Spiritual Living in southern California.  One of the books I purchased at that time and have used over the last 30 years is,Children As Teachers of PeaceBy Our Children, Edited by Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D. author of Love is Letting Go of Fear.

This book has children’s art work in it as well as their words about PEACE.  In the editor's introduction they described the book as a joyous journey and inspired from the truth in the words: “Children as Teachers of Peace”.

Listening to Children...In Action!

Listening to Children…In Action!

As I mentioned yesterday in my blog, listening to children is so very important.  As both parent and educator I’ve come to understand that listening to children is very essential for their well-being.  It addition, it is FUN and very revealing. Listening plays a huge part in connectedness which research shows is the key to a happy childhood as well as a happy adulthood! Listening makes for a peaceful child and peaceful family. 

When I was 18 years old, and a day camp counselor, one of the children in my group was with another counselor doing a craft project.
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