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Living Life On Purpose

Bringing Your PRESENCE To Each & Every Moment

After reading some inspiring pieces this morning from the world of Facebook, which I’m not often on, I feel inspired to write for my Blog.

I’ve been taking a course with Lesa Townsend on Blogging over the last several weeks. She encourages us to post daily for a period of time.  This is my second such  “challenge” with her and I find it MOST inspiring! 

Having to write a new post EVERY DAY, forces me to look for something “new” to write about...something fresh…something inspiring…something  that has not been said before.

Raising Peaceful Children: Children As Teachers of PEACE

In the 1980’s I was working as the Children’s Director of Education at the West Valley Center for Spiritual Living in southern California.  One of the books I purchased at that time and have used over the last 30 years is,Children As Teachers of Peace By Our Children,Edited by Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D. author ofLove is Letting Go of Fear.

This book has children’s art work in it as well as their words about PEACE.  In the book, the Editors shared that the book was a joyous journey and inspired from the truth in the words: “

Raising Peaceful Children: The Home! Fun 4 Kids! Freedom 4 Parents!


The holidays bring with them extra things to do. It’s always a wonderful idea to include the children whenever possible.  At the same time, it’s nice to have the option of having time to yourself and yet knowing your children are happy and contented.


Some years back I came up with the term “YES” Environments

“YES” Environments are spaces for children which are age-appropriate and allow for educational, fun and independent play. 

These give freedom to both child and parent.


Raising Peaceful Children: The Way of PEACE

Some years back in the early 2000’s I knew a gentlemen who had his own business which revolved around the subject of PEACE. He would purchase cups, shirts, plates, etc and then create gorgeous designs for on them.  I so enjoyed his work.  

Going back even further to the 1980’s there was an organization called “Beyond War”.  Small gathering were held all around the country with the focus on living in a peaceful manner.  TODAY I realize just how important it is to consciously and actively work toward PEACE.

Raising Peaceful Children: Stop! Look! Listen!

How do you know if you need to rethink your values and your parenting practices?
This is the topic for today’s blog.  Several years ago, the answer to this question came to me in a flash of a second when I entered someone’s home.

The story goes like this:  I entered a home and the two children, a girl 5 and boy 7 were each at their own computer playing a game.  They each a friend over as I recall.  They were all yelling,Get him! Kill him!  I got you! You are dead!

Raising Peaceful Children: A Poem

 In yesterday’s blog I mentioned that
Every Interaction with a child makes an impression! Some very simple ones, are remembered a lifetime.  Isn't this a precious experience for a child and parent?

 Years ago I observed a teacher interacting with a child in an emotional and unkind manner.  It touched me deeply. I thought about it much that day. I did report it to the director of the school so it would not happen again. 
The next morning, I awakened to the sound of music.

Raising Peaceful Children: EVERYONE'S OPPORTUNITY



I so enjoy being out in public and happening to observe a beautiful interaction between a child and parent or child and another adult.  It’s so rewarding to see a genuine interaction like this.

During October I was in our local grocery store and observed a group of preschool children in the Produce section. 
One of the main produce workers was telling the children about various fruits & vegetables. They were able to taste them if they wanted to.

Raising Peaceful Children: Parenting By Choice...not Chance!

Parenting By Choice...not Chance invites you to KNOW YOUR VALUES, LIVE YOUR VALUES AND TEACH YOUR VALUES. 
In 2013 I was invited to participate in a 30 day Blogging Challenge by Lesa Townsend, a specialist in business and marketing.  At the time I thought I’d be writing on the topic of Listening to Children, which had been an important focus of my work with parents and in the classroom.   However, after much pondering, another topic came to me and that was: RAISING PEACEFUL CHILDREN.

Allowing Our Self To Feel / Allowing Our Children To Feel


As the month of November continues, I’m observing that so many people and organizations are acknowledging the importance of GRATITUDE!  A popular spiritual teacher Matt Kahn, says to “love everything” that arises! To love that part of us that is rebelling, to love the challenge of the day, to love criticism, the negative emotions…to love it ALL!

                 If we do approach life in this way,

Raising Peaceful Children with Gratitude!

Today is November 1! Welcome to the month of Thanksgiving. It is the month of giving "thanks" and gratitude. 

Years ago, a friend and spiritual leader, Betty Strohm, suggested the practice to me for writing down 3 things nightly that I was grateful for from that day.  I found it to be a wonderful practice.

A daily practice of writing creates a connection to that which we are focusing on.  It prompts the rising up from within, thoughts and feelings which we may not have given the voice to previously!
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