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Living Life On Purpose

August 2017

Using REAL life situations to teach Values


As I read some very negative headlines just now,  I thought to myself, what a challenge it must be today for parents, to have to education their children about ALL that they see and hear on the news in these times. 

And then I was reminded how POWERFUL it is to use real-life situations to teach values. I did this often with my children.  

Although this scene didn't happen in my home, if it had I would have used it to educate my children about taking care of the home and the appropriate place for drawing.

Teaching Children Values


As I've mentioned in the blog recently, I wrote a series of blogs a few years back onRaising Peaceful Children.Over the 30 days of blogging at that the time, an entire values program emerged for families on Living and Teaching Values.  

Recently, I've created a series of bookmarks on Values.   Here is the one on Goodness.  

We designed them for both adults and children.  The front has just the one word on them.  And then on the back is the teaching for children.

Seeing the Bigger Picture


I do believe there is great wisdom in the words THINK Globally! ACT locally!  Yesterday I spent several hours at a Festival where 50 various groups had gathered to share their expertise and matters and situations that most know nothing about.  

This reminded me that so often most of us come to deeply believe that ALL we see in front of us is the Truth about ALL of the world.  It reminds me of the story about the elephant. It goes something like this.  All the mouse in the wild knew about the elephant was the huge legs she saw as the elephant walked over the house hole.

The emotions of life: PEACE! LOVE! COURAGE! FEAR!


A few days ago on my radio program, the Voice of Change, I spoke about the energy that is expressed in various states such as:







David R. Hawkins, in this book, POWER VS. FORCE listed how each of these states calibrated at different levels when he tested them.  (He goes into great detail in his book of how this process emerged during his many years of study and practice, if you want more details.)  

Below are the numerical ranking he discovered for each of the above states, or levels of consciousness.

Living YOUR Values! Teaching YOUR Values!


Yesterday when I spoke about the difference that each person makes in the lives of others, I was reminded about the 30 blog posts I wrote a few years back on the art of RAISING PEACEFUL CHILDREN.  

In those 30 blog postings, I went into great details about how to consciously select the values that are most important to YOU and to your family.  

In addition, I offered ideas on how to teach those values to your children and well as how to involve older children in the process of selection the family values.

The Difference YOU can make!


Yesterday I spoke about the ABCs For Living both in my blog and radio program,

For me the ABC For Living are just as important or more important than the traditional ABCs which are taught to children from a very early age. The ABCs of Living are about one's emotional well-being, about feeling safe, respected and seen. 

As a teacher for many years, I personally saw the difference in the classroom when children were at peace and ready to learn vs emotionally upset and not present.

The ABCs For Living


Over the last few years, I've blogged for 30 days straight a couple of times.  A found it a VERY powerful experience as I was 'birthing' a new body of work. 

Thus, I'm going to do it again!  Although, due to a very busy agenda in the coming weeks, I'm going to give myself a little freedom to miss a day or two if needed. 

Recently, I created a new website and am calling it, "The ABCs For Living" as you probably know if you are at this site.
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