The Hidden World of the Unborn Infant
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Living Life On Purpose

The Hidden World of the Unborn Infant

Have you ever thought about the hidden and unseen world of the unborn infant? What must it be like?  Can she feel? Can she see?  What does she hear?  Does the constant beat of her Mother's heart beat bring her comfort?

I never had given much thought to that "inside world"! However, I certainly remember the first time I felt my unborn child kick. What a Joy! What a gift to carry a child and give her a home within your body. What a gift motherhood is!

After having three children and seeing them all grow up and take their place in the world, I felt a longing to be back in the world of "Mothering".  It was a world that I had enjoyed so very much, through all of it's stages, even with its challenges. 

So I decided to create a body of work around "The Art of Mothering" so I could continue being connected to the world I had enjoyed to much. 


And then one day I was introduced to the world of the "little ones" in an amazing way! 

I was in the middle of a 5 day women's retreat on WOMEN, MONEY &I POWER!  The focus of the retreat was on bringing your unique gifts to the world and in turn having financial independence. 

I was on my way back to class after a lunch break. I was wearing my new sling and in it was my baby, a doll I had purchased to carry, as I began a new series of Parent Education Classes.  I thought this would be a wonderful way to start conversations with others and share the importance of "wearing your baby'.

As I was driving along, all of a sudden my neck began getting very stiff. It happened so suddenly that it really surprised me. I thought back, what had I done to bring this on?  Had I lifted something too heavy? Had I slept in an unusual way? My response was no! Nothing unusual had happened.

Then I looked down at my 'baby', my doll! And in that moment, sensed that I was 'my baby'!  This was me that I was now carrying in my sling. I WAS CARRY- ING MYSELF IN MY SLING!

It was a moment, where life just stood still! It was me as an infant that I was carrying.  

I basked in that moment. I began to 'feel' me in that time and place as a wee little one. Then I realized it was 'me' as an infant, that was having the stiff neck. I kept trying to turn away and away and away. There was an odor that I was trying to avoid. What was it? Why was I turning? Why did I have to work so hard to breathe?

I wanted out! Out of her arms!

Out of her reach! I wanted out! I wanted to get away! Then I realized it was a smell, coming from her that made it hard to breathe...hard to take a breath...and I needed a breath of fresh air. I needed to get away NOW!

My stiff neck was coming from a remembrance of being in my Mother's arms and being immersed in the odor of stale and fresh cigarette smoke.  All 4,000 chemicals were there surrounding me in that moment.

Tears streamed down my face... remembering...feeling...sensing...that moment in time!

When I got to my class, I dried my eyes...composed myself and walked in...a little late, I do remember that. However, I do not recall much else about that session that day, my thoughts were elsewhere.

Since that time,I've had other thoughts about that time. My Grandmother, with whom I was very close, had told me that my mother was very distressed when I would not breastfeed as a newborn.

Also, I remembered the JOY of breastfeeding my children and wished that had been my mother's experience. I bless my MOTHER deeply, knowing that each of us comes into life and does the best we can in any moment of time.
Although this remained a significant remembrance for me, I never wrote or spoke about it until I was also introduced to the world of the unborn infant.


About a year later I was having an Ayurveda  treatment. I had been coming for several months, and so enjoyed the wonderful treatments and practitioners.

However, this treatment was not one of my favorites!  It required that I be wrapped in many blankets to attempt to raise my body temperature in a permanent way. The treatment also made it almost impossible for me to move. And I did not like to be warm, so I was not that comfortable. 

Natalie, was going to leave the room for a few minutes. Being very uncomfortable I asked her to come back as quickly as she could.  It was hard for me to see her leave the room. 

I lay there quietly, looking around the room. The framed doorway catch my attention. The wood was dark brown, just like the doorways that were throughout my childhood home.

All of a sudden, the doorways WERE the doorways in my childhood home!

I was a baby lying in the bassinet in my childhood home!  

The smell and feel of the house was not inviting. I really wanted to be elsewhere!

Then I flashed back to present time! I was all wrapped in the blankets, unable to move, so warm!  Very uncomfortable. Then another flashback!

         I am in my mother's womb.

It was dark and still and I was not comfortable.  It was hard to breathe. I'd try moving, but then it was even harder to breathe so I remained very still.  I heard voices.  My mother and my father were there. My father sounded loud and gruff.

Another flash came to me!  I heard another voice. I loved that voice. I felt so loved when I heard her. It  felt so wonderful!  I would later learn that was my Grandmother.

Another flash! I was being pushed on.  My body was being pushed downward.  What was happening?  I sensed I was going to a new place...into the world where the voices were. I didn't want to go. I didn't want to be near that gruff voice. But, I didn't want to stay either! It was just too hard to breathe so much of the time. What can I do? What can I do?

Natalie, walked back into the room and I was SO glad to see her?  She said it was almost time to unwrap me from the blankets. I was delighted.  I was back to present time! 


Since these experiences, I've researched what is known about the hidden world of the unborn child as well as the newborn infant. It's an amazing world and the unborn child is so aware. 

Doctor Thomas Verny M.D. in his book, The Secret Life of the Unborn Child, sheds much light on what I experienced in the womb during those flashbacks.

He says: "Dr. Michael Lieberman showed that an unborn child grows emotionally agitated (as measured by the quickening of his heartbeat) each time his mother thinks of having a cigarette...  Naturally, the fetus has no way of knowing his mother is smoking-or thinking about it-but he is intellectually sophisticated enough to associate the experience of her smoking with the unpleasant sensation it produces in him."

In addition, I became good friends with a lovely lady who is a Prenatal and Perinatal Therapist. Over the years she told me that she has seen many children recall their wonderful and delightful experiences from their life in the womb. These have always inspired me.

Recently I re-created my experience in the womb & now have some amazing and delightful memories which are re-creating my life anew!  

I've reflected on my experiences and have pondered how I might bring my understandings to others, so they are more aware of the hidden life of the unborn infant.



One of my radio shows on the life of an infant, had over 10,000 listens.  If this subject is of interest to you, I hope you'll enjoy this downloadable program. 

Parenting with the Heart:

Note:  This link will take you to the Voice of Change. Then please go to the program for January 4, 2013: Parenting with the Heart:  Precious Beginnings

I will correct this link as soon as possible.    

Also, my booklet on Communicating with Infants and Young Children is available on my website:
                            Click Here!

EFT Sessions:
If you'd like to explore any of the topics I've discussed or have any negative emotions around parenting, birthing, or raising your children, that you'd like to release, I also offer EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Sessions.

Complimentary Sessions: 
I offer a complimentary 20 minute session to explore your needs. To be in touch...

                              Click Here! 

Keynote Speaker:
Sharon is also available to give Key Note addresses or to bring her inspiring message to small groups or conferences.  To be in touch...

                              Click Here!

Please feel free to contact me.

Wishing you many blessed moments of parenting,


8 Comments to The Hidden World of the Unborn Infant :

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Kim Shea on Wednesday, December 02, 2015 2:35 AM
This is a fascinating post! It is interesting to think about the perspective of an unborn infant and how the sounds and voices they must hear would affect them. Your ability to go into that time period in your life is something I wish I could do. I'm sure your experiences are inspiring to expectant parents!
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sharon on Thursday, December 03, 2015 11:11 AM
Thanks Kim for sharing your thoughts. I actually was amazed when it happened. It was nothing I was seeking. I guess we always have to be open to the mystery of life. If you do want to access that time in your life, I know a perinatal therapist that can help you do that. She is amazing.

Tomar Levine on Wednesday, December 02, 2015 7:16 AM
Sharon, your experiences and exploration of the world of the unborn are fascinating and important. I've understood for a long time that in utero we are enveloped not only by the mother's physical environment but her emotions as well, through the chemical changes in her bloodstream but also through her shifting energy field. I do believe we absorb many influences from our time in the womb, especially if our mother had distress of any kind, anxiety, anger, etc. These influences of course are unconscious later, but can be accessed. Your "flashback" memories are very profound. Thank you for being a witness to this stage of life.
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sharon on Thursday, December 03, 2015 11:16 AM
Thanks Tomar for sharing here. Their world is pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing your perspective. I've seen that the "decisions" one makes from those experiences can stay with us a life time. So surprising. I do believe that having this knowledge as "common" knowledge...would allow parent and expectant parents to re-think parenting and how they parent.

sharon on Thursday, December 03, 2015 11:22 AM
Thank you Pernilla for your kind thoughts! I do believe more people know about the "hidden world" of the unborn child, however, I don't think this understanding is main-stream yet. I know as a society it takes time to shift things...and we are in that process. I do imagine a world where every child is nurturing and empowered to be their unique self! It's such a gift to see the amazing lady you are and the work you are shift things. It does take a village, doesn't it! Thank you for sharing here!

Pernilla Lillarose on Wednesday, December 02, 2015 2:52 PM
Sharon what amazing insights! Really touching to hear it and it so confirms everything else you have been writing about the importance to honor the children and let them be and become who they are and are growing into. As infants we are so open to suggestions and impressions - I call us little sponges at that age, because whatever environment we are in, we just take it all in without thought or choice. Most parents, at least from my generation of parents did not have that knowledge and probably thought that an infant doesn't register it's surroundings. Well, I think we know better today, since so many of us at our age have had to work our way through all the misconceptions we grew up in. I'd love for you to share more about this subject. Imagine all parents know the importance of how impressionable we are at that age, and then honor that in the way they treat them and talk to them, be present with them, touch them etc. Blessings to your deep Wisdom, Dear One !
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Lesa on Wednesday, December 23, 2015 5:43 PM
The memories you've shared make me glad that I don't have any memories of being an infant as my mom was a smoker too, back then (she quit at age 62).
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sharon on Thursday, December 24, 2015 4:23 PM
Hi Lesa, I can understand that you really wouldn't want to remember such things! It was nothing I was seeking either. For me, I do LOVE to understand the "why" behind things. I just got in touch recently with how this has affected my life...and knowing that has brought me greater understanding...and peace to some degree also. My mom actually lost her mother at 8 years of I thing "motherhood" wasn't real easy for her...and yet in her own way I know she "tried" and did the best she could.

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