Inspiring Infinite Possibilities...why the new tagline?
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Living Life On Purpose

Inspiring Infinite Possibilities...why the new tagline?

Do you enjoy growing? changing? knowing a greater Truth? Some people do? Some people don't always enjoy the process!  Sometimes, we come to a place, where growing to the next level seems like a huge challenge.  And yet, it is the nature of change. For myself, it's always been a strong "inner drive" to live in a greater way. And yet sometimes, finding my next step was difficult!  

We all are unique individuals, and the idea of expanding who we are and what we are doing, shapes our lives in different ways at different times. And yet, CHANGE  is the nature of the Universe. 

I LOVE this photograph that my daughter Tami took of a tree right out side my home some years back.  Just like the tree, shedding it's leaves, for it's next season of life; we too shed the old for the new. 

Since I began radio in 2006, at KGGV in Guerneville , CA. I've so enjoyed bringing programming to the air, which nurtures and supports individuals on their unique path in life....growing in their own way. 

Recently, the people I've had the honor of meeting (or the Universe have led to my doorstep) have Teachings that deeply and profoundly have made a huge impact on my life as well as many others who have been drawn to them.  

Thus, as I re-creating this website to support the VOICE OF CHANGE radio show I've been hosting for years now, the words INSPIRING INFINITE POSSIBILITIES rang so true to me, I was drawn to using them on this site and in my writing.   

KNOW that no matter where you are in life, what you are doing or not doing, there is a WAY to the next level, where YOU will experience more LOVE, JOY, PEACE AND CONTENTMENT than you may think possible. 

It just takes ONE new idea, ONE new insight, or ONE small step, to make a true difference in your life!  When you shift "one" thing, everything begins to shift! 

It is my deepest desire that our programming here at the VOICE OF CHANGE, makes that difference in YOUR life! 

I know what it's like not to know your next step!  I know what it's like not to know what to do right now!   I know what it feels like to believe that nothing can change! 

KNOW that life can get better!  
KNOW that YOUR life can get better!
KNOW that today is a NEW day!  
KNOW that there are Infinite Inspiring Possibilities available Right Now for YOU!     

And for those of you who are living a delightful totally fulfilled life, many of our speakers may have tools and practices and materials that can add to your wonderful life of JOY. 

Because of my love for music, I've brought many musicians to the program through the years.  During such programs the artists talk about their music and selections are played. Just visit for hours of glorious music .      
I invite you to turn into some of our shows. I have over 6 years of programming archived for your listening pleasure.  Here there is something for everybody!  

Thanks for reading my blog.  I'd love to hear from you. 

with much love and great blessings, 

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