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Living Life On Purpose


Raising Peaceful Children - Plan of Action (continued)

                   Wednesday's Plan of Action is below. 

Before I write my usual blog I must share my process with you...and the parallels I see between writing these blogs.  

Yesterday, I had actually begun my blog for today and was writing it as a continuation of the document I had used for yesterday's blog. After a couple of hours, I realized that I was using the wrong document. Namely, I had pulled up an earlier draft and wasn't adding the new material to the copy with the final edits.  So, I saved everything as it was and took a break with the intention of finishing things today.  Today when I returned to the project I found that somehow I couldn't locate half for the material that I had written yesterday for today's blog.  

No matter how hard I searched it was not to be found! I still can't believe that it is gone!  I've checked and re-checked, but I do believe it is missing. So I asked myself, "Why  am I so attached to it?  Why, can't I just let it go, and re-write the piece?" 

In the process of thinking about these questions I saw a parallel with parenting.  As our life unfolds with our children, sometimes, a child may do something, that we just keep holding on to. Perhaps they broke a special dish, or lost their backpack, or got into the candy dish and ate ALL the candy.  Why can't we just let it all go? 

I believe that the answer to both sets of questions lies in the fact that at times our human nature says, "But, I want it the way it was!" In these times of challenge, let us remember to breathe into the moment.  Let us try to remember we are in THIS MOMENT now. The past in gone.  The future is not here.  All we have is THIS MOMENT.

And for me in this moment, I will only be posting the Plan of Action for Wednesday. I can't do any more than that for today.  In the 'spiritual world' whatever happens on a given day, some say "Is just perfect."  It was meant to be.  Perhaps, I needed to take a different direction for the Plan of Action for Thursday.  Perhaps, it's really the "lesson" that's important for me right now not the "Blog posting.   

Wishing you all a very PEACEFUL moment...
So, with that, I'll post today's blog...The Plan of Action for Wednesday's.  Do enjoy! 


Listening To and Honoring
Each Family Member

Listening to and Honoring each person in the family is a very important part of bringing a family together.  In today’s busy world one must actually carve out time to be together so that this can take place.  If we do not establish a time, and honor the commitment, it just doesn’t happen.  I suggest that Wednesday be the day when this part of the process takes place.


FIRST WEEK:  For your first week's meeting I suggest that you ask each person to bring something to the meeting that is important to them.

It might be a book, a picture, a postcard, a flower.  At the meeting each person can talk about what they brought and why it is important to them.  After the person who brought the item has talked about it the rest of the family can give their observations about the item. 

The activity consists of selecting one member of the group, perhaps do it by age starting with the youngest, and then have everyone else share what they like and honor about the selected  person.  You might create a King or Queen chair and even make a Crown for the “honored” person to wear.  For example if it was Sally’s turn, she’s sit in the chair with the crown and each person would say one thing they like about her. 

Some examples might be:

I love the way you are so interested in frogs and toads.
I like the way you always have such a clean desk.
I like the way you are so good at reading. 

Accepting compliments is a learned practice. So, invite each person to say a simple “thank you” after each compliment.  No doubt this process will bring up other conversations.  Address them as they arise.  Some children may think the compliment isn’t good enough. Some may thing that a brother or sister got a better compliment.  Listen to each person and support them in their process.  Discussions are a wonderful way to learn about one another and to become more deeply connected.

NOTE:  The first time you do this activity, do take the time to have each person be the King or Queen.  When there is a NEW activity, children are eager to  participate and may feel left out if just one person gets to be honored the first week.  This is a wonderful activity and can be repeated often, allowing just one individual to be the center of attention for the entire time.

ACTION TIME:  (This could take place on the Third Wednesday or it could be initiated at a quick meeting and carried on during the week and then shared the following week.)

NOTE:  Make sure to make these activities easy on your family life! Have each person draw a picture of himself.  Put them up in each person’s bedroom.  On Wednesday’s go from room to room and see the pictures and add a word to the drawing of a characteristic/ quality about that person.  Children and adults need to be appreciated. 


•    Play Queen and King for the day again.  This time, just let them choose what they want for a meal. Celebrate their favorite foods. 

•    Have a “Favorite story month”. Take turns weekly and let one person choose the big time story.

•    Have a “Favorite game month”.  Take turns weekly and let the King / Queen choose their favorite game to be played by all.

•    Have an “I’m special Month”.  On each Wednesday, let one person be the honored one, and tell something special about themselves.  Parents, you might begin.  Tell your children something special about yourself, what you LOVE to do, or something you loved to do as a child.  Having interests and sharing them with your children will encourage them to have their own interests and hobbies as a child and as an adult.  

                          YOUR TIME TOGETHER!! 

One of the most important things you can do in your Plan of Action, is to LISTEN TO YOUR CHILD'S IDEAS ABOUT WHAT THEY WANT TO DO!  And then follow your child's idea.  I can't tell you how important this is.  If you child says, "Let's take turns telling a story to the family on Wednesday nights!" Or if your children want to act out their favorite story. Say YES!!  Doing such things for the family strengthens their confidence, when they step outside their safe haven in the home.  

Notice that's I'm just giving you a few ideas. Once you get into them with your children, if you pay close attention to put members of the family are saying...or enjoying, you'll easily know what the next step is for you family.

REMEMBER:  F*R*E*E* Teleclass on August 15th, Thursday at 8:00 pm PST.  Call into: 605 477 2100  Access code is: 565160#

Wishing you a wonderful and peaceful day,



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