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The Gifts of Compassion & Forgiveness!

Posted on February 18, 2018 at 2:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Dear Readers ~

When we live consciously in life and fully present to what is going on and see our imperfection…it may be difficult to allow it to be. We may have shame or embarrassment around our past actions. We may feel humiliation. Holding on to those feeling toward our self or others doesn’t do any good.

So if we can have compassion for our self knowing that we are always doing the best we can in any one moment, it may be easier to extend such compassion. Realizing that everyone, including our self, is always doing the best we know how to do, was very healing for me.


Now, that I think about it, I had known that truth “mentally” for years…but it hadn’t been a huge “knowing”. It hadn’t made a difference in the way I lived. It was only when that truth became embodied, that I “got it”. For me to take an idea from the “mental” realm into the “body” realm, I have to sit with it…and allow it to come into my body. Sometimes, my body will actually tingle when I knew idea in penetrating it. It may be different for you.

Simply taking the words, I AM ALWAYS DOING THE BEST I CAN into your time of sitting in silence, can bring them into your consciousness and body in a greater way. During this, you may want to be aware of what takes place in your body, as you repeat the words. Perhaps an idea of your body will become more alive, more awake.


When we deeply understand that we did the best we knew how to do in any one moment, then we can extend compassion to our self… a deep understanding that we did our best, and we are a spiritual being… living and learning her in “Earth School”.


And along with compassion, comes forgiveness. Letting go of the error, getting back up and continuing the journey, is living rightly.


Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Monk, states that “when you can make peace with it (your pain) you won’t suffer as much. And when one realizes their suffering, they are freer, feel lighter and can approach the moment with a sense of freedom, of possibility, of hopefulness.


“There is suffering, fear, and anger

Inside of us, and

When we take care of it,

We are taking are

Of the world.”

Thich Nhat Hanh


This is such a powerful statement I believe. What a deep blessing it is to know that as YOU heal, you heal the world! And as YOU face your darkness, you lesson the darkness in the world.

Know that YOU make a difference!


Wishing you a day of great compassion and forgiveness,

With love,


Ps I’d love to hear from you. You can email me at:

Allowing & Accepting Imperfection!

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Dear Readers,

For most of my life, I’ve expected PERFECTION from myself. I wanted to do things in the “right” way, to have them turn out 99% perfectly. WOW, what a lot of stress that put on me…and I didn’t even realize it at the time.

This past year, I had a big opportunity to do a new radio program… on a wonderful internet station. I had raised funds for it for over a year and put much preparation into the content. For a variety of reasons, I was not content with the first few programs. It was devastating! I felt I had let down those that had supported me greatly. It was very difficult to accept what was happening.

So, I really had to look at the situation from a spiritual perspective. My spiritual Teacher, Sat Shree, is a Realized being and thus has had the personal experience of “seeing” and “knowing” the Truth about Life. And from that perspective he teaches how to appraoch life rightly.  Here are some Truths and Guidelines that relate to this situation from his Teachings:

Choose What Is

Do the work without demand or expectation

Meet what is before you

Let go of expectations

Do not believe your negative story

Once I looked fully embraced the situation from this perspective, I accepted what was happening. I actually came to accept the situation as it was. And in this, there was a great freedom. It was a huge lesson!


From past experience, when I blog for 30 days straight, I put myself in a place where I have to “reach deep” into my consciousness to create the content for the blogging. And so the content is fresh! It’s new! And thus, wanting to post it daily, I don’t feel I have the time to have it formally edited. My preference would be to have it “perfect”. However, it’s just not realistic. This has been a challenge to live with. And yet, it’s very refreshing, very enlivening, to keep up the momentum of a daily blog.:)

Then, on top of my imperfections, I’ve noticed that the new platform I’m using at Vista Print also has some imperfections in it. So, I spent almost an hour on the phone today with their customer service, which is awesome. I learned that I actually caused the problem by not copying and pasting to Note Pad first before pasting print into the site. SO, as much as we attempting to create the proper spacing and delete extra characters, it wasn’t coming out perfectly.:/

SO, I decided I also need to allow “systems” to be imperfect. Another great lesson.


So, here are some questions for self-inquiry:

Are you able to allow yourself to be imperfect?

Are you able to allow others to be imperfect?

Are you able to allow “systems” to be imperfect?

When you sit with your responses, how does your body feel?

Could listening to your body be a measure for learning to response to life situations?


Wishing you a splendid day of being imperfect,:)



What is LOVE?

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Today being Valentine’s Day, you might have been the recipient of LOVE or the giver of LOVE. Or perhaps you were disappointed by what a day of “LOVE” could have looked like for you.

We often have high expectations of such a day as Valentine’s Day, wanting it to be “perfect” and anticipate what might take place. If we have high expectations then disappointment may follow. And if we are really honest with our self about life and living, there is much we may be exposed to that is not what you would call “loving”. And yet we want desperately to live in the field of LOVE! Thus, how do we find harmony, peace or contentment with all this?

There are some spiritual Truths that have helped me when everything doesn’t seem perfect…so thought I’d share them.

1. Everyone is always doing the best they can in that moment.

2. Life is purposeful

3. Each of us have a role to play

4. You have choice

5. Accept what is

Karla McLaren, author of The Language of Emotions: What Your Feelings Are Trying to Tell You wrote this about LOVE.

“The truth about love is this: Love is constant; only the names change.

Love doesn’t just restrict itself to romantic relationships.

Love is everywhere-in the hug of a child, in the concern of a friend,

in the center of your family, and in the hearts of your pets.”


In addition, the situations, that appear imperfect, because we would like things to be differently, are perhaps an opportunity for us to learn and grow, to open our heart…if we can be open to such imperfection. Rumi’s poem, The Guest House, puts this so beautifully.

If you day wasn’t perfect according to you expectations, perhaps this will bring some comfort to you… even some LOVE.


This being human is a guest house.

Every morning a new arrival.


A joy, a depression, a meanness,

some momentary awareness comes

as an unexpected visitor.


Welcome and entertain them all!

Even if they're a crowd of sorrows,

who violently sweep your house

empty of its furniture,

still, treat each guest honorably.

He may be clearing you out

for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,

meet them at the door laughing,

and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,

because each has been sent

as a guide from beyond.



Sat Shree, a Realized Teacher, writes this about the heart.

“The human heart expands through trials, troubles, disappointments, losses and failures.

Human maturity is the capacity to include everything in our lives.

The purified heart carries a capacity to accept and love without repulsion or judgment.

The mature heart surrenders to what IS.”

So no matter what you day brought…

Know that even with the ups and downs….

The so called good or bad….

As Rumi says….all “has been sent as a guide from beyond.”

Sending much LOVE your way….


The Wisdom in the Body

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Dear Readers…

Has your body ever known something before your mind knew it?

I’ve had this happen several times…and it was always amazing to me. My body would seem unsettled for no apparent reason. And then something would happen…and I’d say, “Oh that was what my body knew.”

Also, for years, I’ve occasionally gone to bed with a question on my mind. And sure enough, in the morning, I'd awaken with a deep knowing and the answer was there.

Do you listen to your body? 

Does it speak to you?  


Years ago I had an extraordinary experience that showed me the great knowing and remembrance in the body. It actually transported me back to infancy in a remarkable way.

This was the setting:

I was attending a week-end workshop, called Women, Power and Money. I was driving back to class after lunch and thinking about the afternoon session when I was going to be talking about a new aspect of my work and that was about the importance of “wearing” your young infant.

I always had a difficult time putting on the sling, so I was actually wearing it…with a “baby-doll” nestled in it, as I drove to class.

Here is the rest of the story, as I wrote it after the incident:

And all of a sudden I got a very stiff neck. It came on so suddenly, it really surprised me. I thought back to what I had done to bring it on, and nothing came to mind. While at a stop sign…I glanced down at the doll I was carrying in my sling, and realized that the doll had become me…as a “baby”! I saw that in that moment… I was carrying “myself”. I was in awe! It was a moment, where life just stood still!

Shortly thereafter I realized it was “me” as an infant that was having the stiff neck. My mother was holding me, wanting me to breastfeed. I kept trying to turn away from her. This was causing “my” neck to be very stiff. I did not want to be close to her. Then I realized there was an odor I was attempting to get away from. What was it? Why did I have to work so hard, to breathe? Then I realized that being in her arms I was being immersed in the odor of stale and fresh cigarette smoke. I must have felt the pain of that moment, because I began deeply sobbing! I pulled the car over and stopped. I had never had an experience like this before. Could this really be happening? I was attempting to turn away because of the stench of her body because of her smoking. I sat there in awe…and the sobbing continued.

I knew I had to get back to class, so forced myself to stop crying. Finally I composed myself, still in awe of what had happened! I drove to the class. However, I took off my sling and left it in the car. I entered the room late, still stunned from the experience and did not speak about it during the class at all.

Thinking back to that experience over 12 years ago, I still am in awe, how the body can have us remember something that has happened over 50 years earlier.

I questioned, was that really true? Then I recalled that years back my Grandmother, with whom I was very close and spent every week-end with between the ages of 10 and 17, told me that my mother was very distressed when I would not breastfeed as a new-born. Grandma said that Mom tried everything, but I would not take her breast.  And as an adult, I have always been bothered by cigarette smoke…and avoid it whenever possible. So, it does seem and feel like a very true remembrance.


The body does know!

So, what is the implication of this?

Can we ask the body questions we wish to know the answer too?

Can it reveal the true cause of our fears?

Does it know the purpose for our life?

If we listen to our self-talk will it reveal to us why we are anxious?

Even as I write this myself, I’m realizing myself, the tremendous possibility we have in our body. I want to create a deeper practice in my listening.

How about you?

Do you want to listen to your body in a deeper way?

Until next time... 

With love, Sharon


The Difference YOU can make!

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Reflecting on yesterday’s blog, entitled, “How Do You Want to BE in the World?” I wanted to share a quote with you.

AND just now when I went to fix myself a cup of tea, I found that the tea bag has a quote on it which is also connected to these ideas, so I’ll share that one too.

From my Lemon Ginger Yogi tea bag, this is the quote:

There is nothing like you,

There was nothing like you

And there shall be nothing like you!

This is SO true! You are unique! It would be so wonderful if we each understood this from childhood. And yet most of us don’t! But the JOY of life is that in the process of living… the joys and the challenges, in the successes as well as the failures, through the pain and pleasure, we do get to learn about our self…and one day we each will come to deeply know the truth in the above statement. So as you consider how you want to BE in the world, know that your expression will always be unique. Enjoy being YOU!

The second quote is as follows:

“The world is a dangerous place,

not because of those who do evil,

but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

Albert Einstein

When we come from the place of choosing how we wish to BE in the world, then our actions will carry the quality of our “Beingness”!

And they will make a difference!

It does not matter if you are touching the lives of 1, 10 , 100 people,

1000, or 1,000,000 your intention is what is important!

David R. Hawkins, M.D, Ph.D. and author of Power vs. Force states that individuals live at the levels of LOVE, JOY and PEACE counterbalance thousands and even millions of individuals living at the levels of fear and anger. Isn’t that remarkable?


So, know we each make a difference!

YOU make a difference!

And the more aware you are…

The more you are working for the good of the whole, the more the Universe will be at your back!

Please feel free to write and share your intention with me, or do so here in the comments.  My email is:

In Joy, sharon

How do YOU want to BE in the World?

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Greetings Readers....

Today is Sunday and I’ve given myself permission to be very laid back, seeing that my week was SO busy! It’s now 3:30 and I’m still in my pajamas!

Feels wonderful! Sometimes, I do feel we just have to “break our own rules” and do what feels right in the moment. I even slept in and didn’t meditate until 8 AM which is very unusual! As we learn to listen to our body and our inner voice, we can give our self permission to be true to our self in a very honest way.

Last night perhaps meditation, the subject of setting “INTENTIONS” for life came into my awareness. And then the idea that flashed was, “How Do I Want to “BE” in the world?” So, I’m inviting you to think how YOU would like to “BE” in the world…and create an intention for 2018 around that.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:   During my 13 weeks at and hosting my show, the Voice For Truth, I interviewed various people about their work. Sheila Ramsey was one such person. She is author of Personal Leadership, along with Barbara Schaetti and Gordon Watanabe. She led listeners through the process of creating a Personal Leadership Statement on my show in October of 2017.   I want to acknowledge her work, because knowing about her I believe, allowed this idea to come to me in meditation.   

So as I was playing around with this idea today, I wrote down possible words of how I want to “BE” in the world….from A-Z. For years, I’ve written down words for every letter of the alphabet, for various projects I’ve done. Below I wrote down some ideas/ words that could apply. Some of these wording are stretching it a bit, as far as the way of “Being” goes. But, I love playing with words… like this, so allowed the flow to take place.


A: Allowing, Authentic,

B: Bold

C: Courageous, Confident, Compassionate

D: Dynamic

E: Efficient, Effective

F: Forgiving

G: Good, Gratitude

H: Honest,

I: Integrity, intelligent

J: Joyous, Just

K: Kind

L: Loving, Light-hearted

M: Magical, Magnanimous

N: Nurturing

O: Open

P: Playful, Powerful, Possibilities

R: Respectful

S: Sincere, Stable,

T: Trusting,

U: Unique

V: Victorious

W: Willing

X: X-cellance

Y: Yielding

Z: Zest

Then I went back and decided to write a statement of “BEING” for myself, using the ones that seemed most appropriate.

This was what I came up with, for the draft, which I’ll sit with and see how it feels.


I intent to BE authentic, sharing who I am and be open to the present moment,
allowing all to be, accepting life as it shows up. It’s my intention to share my Truth in loving ways, 
to inspire and uplift others,
making a difference in each and every moment.


Another part of this, which is similar to Sheila’s work, is that such a statement, can apply to every area of one’s life: personal, professional, spiritual, family, etc.


Feel free to make your intention as long or as short as you wish. As long as YOU can deeply relate to it, that is the important thing. Also, feel free to adjust it as you wish.

I’ll sit with mine and see if something needs to be shifted.

Have FUN! Play! See what feels right for YOU!

How do YOU want to be in the world today?


Wishing you a wonderful and relaxed Sunday!




A Conversation about Life Styles

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This week has been so busy for me! I host a study circle at my home on Wednesday and Thursday and then on Friday, I began a new meditation group. In addition, once a month, I hold two extra group lessons for my piano students. (I’ve taught piano for decades now.) However, the week-end group lessons are new and much fun, but do require much preparation, for I may have 10 children in my home/studio all at one time!

All of this together, made for a very busy week. And as I reflect on this experience, I was reminded, that this was very unusual. Usually, my days have a wonderful flow to them, which much extra time.

So, I’ve decided to talk a little about life-style and wondered how YOU create a life-style that works for you?


For myself, being a senior, and working part-time, it’s been pretty easy to create a relaxed life-style MOST of the time. About one year ago, I wanted to increase my meditation time to I have made sure that most of the time I do not schedule any early morning appointments or lessons. This has made it very nice. I almost always have the option to stay in meditation as long as I wish.

Piano lessons were every afternoon, from about 3:30 to 6 pm until about 6 months ago. At that point I decided I wanted a 3 day week-end, so re-arranged my teaching schedule. I’ve certainly enjoyed having Friday’s free now most of the time.



Since I work with many children in regards to piano lessons, I see many families. And I see so many different types of life-styles. I know one family that has three children and have decided to schedule most of their activities on two days, so they have the other three school days free. Others have activities each day of the week.

I remember years ago when my children were young, that getting ready to go to their ballet lessons was very challenging. Finally, I said we do not need to go! These lessons are “extra” and not required! In the long run, we did end up ending the dance lessons, because it wasn’t a priority for them, and it certainly wasn’t one for me.

Sometimes, though parents feel that their children are missing out if they aren’t involved numerous lessons such as dance, piano, art, and sports. And yet, what is a child missing on a daily basis, if they do not have any down time? If there isn’t sufficient time to play after school, or to just sit in their room and day dream.

I’ve created some questions for parents as well as some for kids, to reflect on to see if your current life-style is desirable. So often, we can get into a certainly type of life-style, and just don’t think about changing it although it really isn’t working. So here are some questions that may support you is reviewing your life-style and seeing if it’s right for YOU!:)


Do you often feel you’d like an extra 6 hours in the day?

Do you have time to talk to you children about their day and really learn what happened? What they liked? What was difficult for them?

Do you know who your children’s friends are?  Do you have time to arrange for play-dates? 

Are you able to take time during the day for self-reflection?

Are you able to come together for meals with your children, for an unrushed time of sharing?

Are you able to get a sufficient night’s sleep?

Do you have a schedule worked out so that getting ready for school has a flow?

Forgetting your current daily life, what would make the perfect day for you? Are there some parts of that that could be brought into your life today?


Do you have some “free time” every day to do nothing?

Do you ever feel rushed and there is too much happening?

Do you have enough time to talk to your parents about your ideas, your feelings, or to ask questions?

Do you have enough unrushed time to do your homework?

Do you enjoy the extra activities you are involved in? Would you like more of them? Less of them?

What would your perfect day look like? What would you do? Is there a way to bring any part of that into your life today?


Although there will always be things to do during our day and we can’t make life perfect, we can step back and reflect on our schedule to see if “over-all” it is right for you and/or your family.


Do you have enough free time during your day?

Would you like to be more involved with others than you are now?

Do you find meaning in your life?

Do you take time for self-inquiry? For reflection?

What would your perfect day look like? What would you do? Is there a way to bring any part of that into your life today?



This month I’m taking time to fine-tune my daily schedule. I’ve found a new way of actually making a couple of practices, happen on a regular basis! These pieces have been so helpful for me. First, I’ve decided to WALK immediately following my meditation in the morning. I’m so pleased with this arrangement. It’s making a walk happen almost every day. And it’s not a big decision as to WHEN to walk…it’s just happening after meditation.

And second, I’ve combined doing YOGA on a regular basis, with listening to a spiritual talk in the evening after meditation. This too, is really working.

And a third, I’ll just mention briefly, is that I’ve fine-tuned the foods that I’m eating. I’ve taken a few foods out of my diet, and I’m finding that what I’m eating now is so satisfying. Perhaps I'll share more about this in a future blog.


As I’m finishing this blog, I’m reminded of the truth, that if you change just ONE thing, it can shift everything.

So, I invite you to look at your life, and if you’d like a change, just start with ONE small shift…and see what happens.

I’d love to hear from you. My email is


Namaste, sharon


How Do You Fill Your 24 Hours?

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Years ago, I was reading one of Rhonda Brittan’s books about Fearless Living. In it she suggested keeping track of what you do all day long, on an hourly basis. I found this fascinating. I did this for several weeks and adjusted the exercise as I went along.

The way I did the practice, was to write down what I did every 30 minutes. I dedicated a spiral notebook to this practice, so I could see the shifts I was making. I wrote down the two main activities I did each hour. On the left side of the page, I wrote down the hours form 5 AM - 4 PM and the right side of the page, I wrote down the hours beginning at 5 PM - 4 AM. IBelow I could not create this exactly, so first I'm listing the set up for the left side of the page and then below that I'll list the set-up for the right side of the page.   Feel free to email me if you have questions about this format.  

                                            February 9

(Left Side of the page)

Morning /Afternoon Activities 

5 AM Woke up/ stretched                                                           


6 AM Meditation                                                                     


7 AM Shower                                                                        

Spiritual Study                                                                                    


On the Right Side of the paper I did the same format. However, I began at 5 PM and went to 4 AM.  This site isn't allowing the formating to hold when I publish, so thus I'm writing it out in this way.    

This practice helped me so much back then.  I think I may do it again to see where my time goes today.  

At that time, I was always self-doubting myself.  When I was talking to my children on the phone, I would think I “should” be exercising. Or when I was playing the piano, I would think that I should "be calling my kids".:/

At the end of a week, I would create categories for all the major activities I was involved in. Next I would add up the amount of time spent on each. Here is an example of this part of the exercise:

Exercise: 3 hours

Meditation:   3hours

Children: 2 hours

Spiritual Groups: 2hours

Sleep: 35 hours

Eating: 10 hours

Piano: 3 hours


And what I discovered was that I was actually satisfied with the overall amount of time spent on most activities, so it stopped my thinking, “Oh, I should be doing something else right now.”:(

So, if you are wanting to shift your life-style in 2018, you might give this a try. I found the practice so empowering.:)

Until next time… happy living!


I can be reached at

More about Self-discovery!

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Dear Readers,

Years ago I was in a class and we were asked to write out our name and then write a word for each letter that described us. So, I decided to do this process again. In addition, this time I also added a sentence to tell a little about the word and how it related to me. I encouraged myself to write the words quickly, often using the first word that came to mine. This proved very interesting. And I learned about myself in the process. Here is my list.

S Sharing

I so enjoy sharing Truth with others!

H Happy

I am naturally happy most of the time…enjoying each moment of the day… each day of the week.

A Authentic

I have learned to be more authentic, more true to myself and don’t act any longer, just to please others.

R Respectful

I am respectful toward myself, appreciating my uniqueness and respect the uniqueness of others.

O Openness

I enjoy living with openness, sharing myself and enjoying the openness of others.

N Nurturing

I enjoy nurturing my creative spirit as well as the creative spirit in others.



A Allowing

Allowing has been a powerful word for me, for years. As I allow others to be who they are, that also allows me to be myself.

N Natural

I enjoy living as naturally as possible…eating natural, real food, living in a simple way, finding pleasure it daily life and find myself dressing more naturally now, with very little jewelry and extras.

N Nice

I’ve been referred to as being so “nice” in the past, however, now I believe I’m more authentic, instead of nice. I speak my Truth and not saying something that I think others might want me to say.


I invite you to play the words in your name in this way too.

Have fun! Play! Enjoy the process!


With love, sharon

PS I hadn’t mentioned this, because I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to complete my idea….but I’m attempting to write 28 blogs in 28 days! I’ve done this twice before and found it SO helpful; to go deeply into the work I was doing at the time. This website is the first one I’ve ever put together around my spiritual life. So, as I write daily, I’m discovering more about what wants to come forth in THIS moment. I find it a way of challenging myself to be “in the moment” and “very real”!


Seeing YOU with "new" eyes!

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Dear Readers,

Yesterday I wrote about becoming a “watchful observer” of yourself. Did you try this? How did it work?:)

When we step back from the moment…and become the “observer” of what we are doing, we can have a more objective view of this person called “YOU”.:)

TODAY, I suggest you try this and attempt to see the wonderful and unique ways you operate in the world. :)

It’s been my experience that most individuals don’t fully see and appreciate the UNIQUE qualities that make them who they are. Sometimes, because we become so used to the way we talk, the way we express our self, the way we interact with others, we don’t see our uniqueness.

Years ago, I knew a young women who was SO talented. She was an excellent cartoon artist, lovely singer, fabulous runner and was great with children. And yet she didn’t really honor who she was. She couldn’t see herself in a way that valued her gifts.:(

SO, I invite you to step back and attempt to be the “watchful observer” of yourself…and see the goodness YOU bring into the world.

I invite you to see yourself with "new" eyes! :)

Following are some suggestions of what you might look for during your observation.


The way you listen to others

The flavor you bring to others during interactions

What you focus your attention on during your day

How you take care of yourself

The manner in which you care for your home

The love you share with others

Your honesty

The compassion you have for yourself and others

Your peaceful nature


Know that no one in the world is like YOU! Come to appreciate and honor and respect the gift of YOU!:)


With love,


I’d love to hear from you. You can email me at: