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I sit here at my desk in my new home and look at the workbook I did with you and think of all the beauty, growth and strength that has centered my life since that day I met you. Know what a critical time that was for me and what a significant part you played in my upliftment.
Nirdosh, Thousand Oaks

What I appreciate about Sharon is her willingness to invite guests to share cutting edge processes and modalities even on the radio.  She is a risk-taker, for example doing energetic work live on radio where it has likely never been done before.  She is also visionary and open in terms of possibilities for change seeking out new ways to address old issues and to actually try them out on herself before putting them on radio. I have noticed also she works very hard to bring the audience something that is truly useful for them. I recommend her show wholeheartedly.
Blessings, Larry Kiser

Sharon has a wonderful way of mixing her presentation to include discussion, sharing, individual exercises and lecture which keeps the class upbeat, personal, educational and interesting. As a parent with experience as a parent educator it has been valuable to re-visit known concepts, to learn new perspectives, and to take the time to re-focus on my own parenting. My family is definitely benefiting from my involvement in this class! Sharon's gentle voice and accepting manner keep all the members of the class comfortable sharing personal issues and eager to ask questions. Thank-you Sharon for taking the time to offer these classes and for making a difference in the lives of your participants!  

Janine Burnham Ruth, momma to Teddy and Sam, Neurodevelopmental therapist/Special Projects Manager of The Davis Center for Learning, Development and Wellness.

Sharon's ability as an interviewer is superb. She helped me to feel comfortable with discussing anything on her "Voice of Change."  Her awareness, sincere caring, knowledge of the topic, and spiritual connection make it a divine pleasure to be a guest on her show.  Sharon, thanks for being a present on Blog Talk Radio.               
Jyude Allbright

Sharon is an amazing teacher with remarkable insight and knowledge as well as excellent presentation skills. She has the unique ability to deeply listen to and connect with both children and adults, which facilitates the allowing of their true essence to shine. Sharon's joy and respect for her work and her unconditional love radiates throughout every session, bringing true healing and resolution to all who are fortunate enough to work with her.  

Jane Sheppard, Editor and Publisher of Healthy Child Online

Sharon is a calm easy yet in-depth professional interviewer. She makes the guest feel at home, and keeps the energy high during the interview…I appreciate the work she does and so enjoy being a guest, thanks Sharon!
In Peace,
Suzie Daggett
Author:  Pearls - 52 Contemplative Insights and From Ego to Soul

Sharon was able to establish a quick rapport with my 5-year-old son and he immediately engaged her in conversation (not always the case with him). I was impressed by her playfulness and knowledge of his developmental abilities. Sharon helped me to see my son from a different perspective and because of that; our relationship is 1000X better (if that is even possible!) She really listens to both child and parent's needs and works with you to set goals and accomplish them. I hold much gratitude for the time she spent with us.   Joanna Z. 

I’m grateful to have been a guest twice on Sharon Ann Wikoff’s Voice of Change radio show. Sharon is a delight to work with! Her interviewing style is supportive and intuitive, asking questions that begin with her guest’s personal truth and open deep ways of sharing with her listeners. I welcome Sharon’s generosity, and her way of offering her own wisdom, along with the passions and insights of her guests, to better our lives today and our planet’s future.

Dianne Monroe
Mentor, Facilitator, Inner-wilderness Guide
After developing a very serious health problem, I had EFT sessions with Sharon to work on the emotional aspects of the condition. After a couple of sessions with Sharon she combined the TAT technique with EFT, which created an even more empowering process.   Both techniques can easily be learned, so I was able to continue working independently with them at home.  Sharon was not only very skillful and experienced with techniques, she also brought great warmth, wisdom, and awareness to the work.  In all her interactions with me she has been absolutely encouraging and supportive.  Sharon in not only a wonderful practitioner, but also a marvelous human being and a joy to be around.  Johanna K.  Santa Rosa


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