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                              LIVE EVENTS

There are several live events happening in Nevada City, CA.  Hope you can join us!

    How To Design & Live Your Own Spiritual Path?

FRIDAY NIGHT:  January 27, 2017 /  7-9 pm

 Jyude and Sharon have walked their own unique spiritual journey for decades.  Their paths have had many similarities and many differences; however, they see many recurring patterns in each of their lives which speak to the "design" of the spiritual life.  Each will share her perspective of the Truths around which her life has been designed. In addition, participants are invited to share their insights.  As you listen to what other's experiences have been, you can gain new insights about fine-tuning your life in the future.

WHERE:  Inner Path / 200 Commerical Street /
                Nevada City, CA.

DAY & DATE:  Friday, January 27th

TIME:  7 - 9 PM

FEE:   $ 20

Design & Live Your Spiritual Path
Friday night 7 - 9 pm Interactive discussion on designing a spiritual life
Price: $20.00

                Living the Spiritual Life...
          What Exactly Does That Mean? 

           SATURDAY:  January 28, 2017   10 am - 5pm

 During this all day program Jyude and Sharon
will actually bring you TWO programs in one!

              Jyude will lead the group in:  LIVING UP

How Your     Inner  Truths

  Your Outer


What if you understood how everything is energy and make that energy work for you?

Would you like to create your life by design, not default?

               Love is energy.  Self-love sounds so easy & simple.  However, most of us grew up not being shown how to truly be accepting of ourselves.  We were blasted by societal beliefs of “not good enough.”  If you are desiring a Quantum Tuneup to become a high energy attractor, it begins with working from your heart field.

                In accessing that heart field with Jyude, you will see, hear and feel ways to:

•             Think with your heart

•             Open to receive the love that you truly BE by making the inner shift to self-love

•             Remove guilt & shame programming

•             Shift your energy into a parallel universe of your making & live from its higher         vibrations

•             Allow Mother Earth to assist you

•             Embrace your wounded child into a Light child

•             Undo your patterns of disharmony

Sharon will lead the group in ...

"How To Transform Your  Life...

Meditation & Creative Journaling"  


Would you like to quiet your mind and connect with universal energy? 

And would you like to “capture” those experiences & return to them at will?

The Universe is just waiting for us, as individuals, to tap into its current. We just need to become a vessel in which it can appear. Learn how to become such a vessel and await the universe! And when it does come to us, if we take the time to record efficiently our experience, it is ours forever.


In working with Sharon with this Intention, you will see, hear and feel ways to:

·       Find your unique way of entering the silence

·       Learn to be deeply self-aware during silent sitting

·       Allow whatever happens to be perfect

·       Undo your patterns that meditation is difficult

·       Embrace your unique way of journaling

·       Use your intuition to capture your experience

·       Explore ways of expressing yourself on the page


By bringing a CREATIVE SPIRIT to your journal writing you can make your dreams and insights come alive! You can more easily recall the “flavor of your experience” allowing it to resonate within your mind, body and soul, when you bring color and creativity to your journaling! This then allows it to enter your cells…allowing for deep transformation.

   Living the Spiritual Life...
                   What Exactly does that Mean?

WHERE:  Inner Path / 200 Commerical Street /
                Nevada City, CA.

DAY & DATE:  Saturday, January 28th

TIME:  10 - 5 PM

FEE:  $ 55 if paid by January 27th,  $ 65 at the door
Living the Spiritual Life...What Exactly Does that Mean?
Saturday, January 28 Inner Path / Living UP, Meditation & Journaling
Price: $55.00


            introducing SOUL STEPS
                           with JYUDE ALLBRIGHT

SUNDAY:  January 29, 2017   3 - 6 pm

   What if you had 2017 steps to uncreate your addictions? 

What if everything you have been told about
  addictions is untrue?

Who will YOU be when you no longer have your addictions? 

What Would Your Life Be Like if You Could:

Experience a huge breakthrough success in your recovery of YOU, your Power, your joy

Stop judging addictive behaviors as wrong &I look at what's been right about alcoholism /addiction / co-dependency

      This workshop is not for everyone - it is for those of you searching for a different way of changing addictions & addictive behaviors.  Soul Steps addresses the above questions and offers simple, easy & dynamic answers for those interested in permanent recovery - the "How To."

Addiction is a distraction - a disconnect from one's authentic self. Anyone addicted to anything (not just drugs or alcohol) is not powerless, as AA's first step proclaims.  Soul Steps first step states, "We admitted we were powerful beings - that we created our addictions so our lives appeared to be unmanageable."

                   with JYUDE ALLBRIGHT

WHERE:  Inner Path / 200 Commerical Street /
                Nevada City, CA.

DAY & DATE:  January 29th, Sunday,

TIME:  3 pm - 5 pm 

FEE:   $ 35 

Love Your Addiction
Sunday, January 29th, 3-6 pm / Inner Path
Price: $35.00 $35.00


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