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Raising Peaceful & Happy Children!  - The ART of  Conscious Parenting

Parents today want more for themselves and their children... they want to parent differently than their parents and grandparents did.

Parents and kids need to find what that works for them and their unique family.

Knowing your values and the values you want to stand for as a family creates a direction and focus.

Finding ways of having fun together & enjoying life. 

     Parent Education and the energetic techniques of EFT can help.


What is Parent Education?  

Parent Education can take many forms. The types of education I provide are: 

Parenting Consulting
Energy Healing with EFT 
Parenting Tele-classes

can make a huge difference!  

Although Parenting Education can address all that is going on in the moment, I have discovered that if you add a new focus to most any situation, things shift. And one small shift is one area allows a shift to take place in many areas.  Developing a new focus for your family can take many forms, some that I've found very helpful are the following: 


Relationship Building 

Individual and Family Values

Peaceful Parenting Practices



What is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

EFT is a healing process that involves tapping with the fingertips on points on the body, often referred to as the meridian system.  It's the same system that the practice of acupuncture uses.  However, with EFT, tapping replaces the use of needles.  This tapping stimulates the energy meridian system and releases unwanted emotions, restoring balance and healing to the body.

When you are aware of how you want to parent and the changes you want to make, you may choose to release old parenting practices. This process of tapping (EFT) allows old ideas, old energy, negative ideas (energy) that have lived in the body... to be removed from the body. 

  When you do this it is much easier to begin "anew". You'll find it much easier to move forward parenting by choice...not chance.   

The Top Nine Benefits of Parent Education

1.  Stress is greatly reduced with anxieties overcome. 

2.  Parenting values and beliefs are brought into focus.

3.  Become more proactive in your parenting.

4.  Frustration and anger greatly relieved.

5.  More fun times for everyone in the family. 

6.  More effective communications skills. 

7.  Less reactive in your parenting. 

8.  More focused times together for communicating. 

9.  Parenting becomes easier, more rewarding and JOYFUL!

Raising Peaceful Children
Take the Peaceful Parenting Pledge TODAY.  

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