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The VOICE OF CHANGE radio program has brought numerous transformational speakers to the air over the last 7 years. Click below to go directly to the radio site:

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been a huge part of her work in radio. Click below to go directly to the radio site for new programming: 


is Sharon's current body of work on the subject of parenting. These Teachings offer Inspiring Infinite Possibilities for Parents. 

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Parenting by CHOICE...not Chance!

Knowing Your Values!
Living Your Values!
Teaching Your Values! 

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Parenting by choice...not chance

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Voice of Change radio


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EFT for change, inspiring infinite possibilities.

NOTE:  Sharon has 30 days of Blogging on Raising Peaceful Children plus other posts.  Enjoy. 

Sharon's Blog about parenting by choice, not chance.  



Parenting by Choice creates positive change         Do you enjoy growing? changing? knowing a greater Truth? Some people do? Some people don't always enjoy the process!  Sometimes, we come to a place, where growing to the next level seems like a huge challenge.  And yet, it is the nature of change. For myself, it's always been a strong "inner drive" to live in a greater way. And yet sometimes, finding my next step was difficult!  

We all are unique individuals, and the idea of expanding who we are and what we are doing, shapes our lives in different ways at different times. And yet, CHANGE  is the nature of the Universe.  READ MORE:  

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