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Raising Peaceful & Happy Children!  - The ART of  Conscious Parenting
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      Thank you so much for your support over    the last year! 

I wish you and your family a very
Happy New Year!  

Raising Peaceful Children 
              is essential in today's world!             And it's wonderful when they are happy too!  

I'm so grateful that so many of you visiting here feel the same way. TOGETHER we can make a difference!   

With conscious parenting 
and educating of our children TODAY...
Tomorrow will be a brighter day! 

If you are looking to begin 2015
in a "new & fresh" way...
check out the new class below!



Raising Peaceful & Happy Children!

Creating a new focus by changing just a couple of things in your family life can actually shift everything. One small shift is one area allows a shift to take place in many areas.  Developing a new focus for your family can take many forms. In this class we'll explore the following areas, allowing you to consider the changes you would like to make.  

Relationship Building through Listening

Living Your Individual and Family Values

Peaceful Parenting Practices

Balancing the Academics & the Arts 

The Joy of Celebration

For further details or to register, click the link below: 

12 Benefits of Raising Peaceful Children:   

1.  Stress is greatly reduced!   

2.  You are happier! 

3.  You are more peaceful! 

4.  You all have more fun!  

5.  Laughter becomes regular!  

6.   Communicating becomes fun!    

7.  The kids want to help out!      

8.   Kids are happier!  

9.  Kids are more peaceful!  

10. Parenting becomes easier, more rewarding and JOYFUL!

11.  Life works for everyone! 


Raising Peaceful Children
Begin Today!
Take the Peaceful Parenting Pledge! 

(AND your name will be entered in a drawing for a FREE teleclass!  

Click on the link below for details.

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We are doing our best to make sure all the links work, however, sometimes a problem may arise. Thank you for your patience!  

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